27 Mar

War against mosquitoes

War begun

It’s our war against mosquitoes. And we challenge all animal lovers to join our fight. 700 dogs depend on us.

As spring already came in Romania, a big enemy of dogs is waking up: the mosquitoes, insects responsible for transmitting deadly diseases to dogs but also to people. During the whole warm season (from end March until late October),these insects are attacking our defendless dogs, especially in the evenings, biting and tormenting them. We can’t leave dogs out in the running spaces, during tropical summer nights, because of these little criminal insects that cause small wounds on dogs’ skin. Dogs are scratching and the wound gets infected. Dogs with short fur are the most affected.

Our shelters are located at the edge of Galati, a town surrounded by waters: Danube and its affluent rivers. Year after year, it is getting much worse to handle the mosquitoes invading our shelters. The larger dogshelter is located closer to a small lake and since we planted the natural barrier to protect the place against snow storms, as soon as trees get green and until their leaves drop, armies of mosquitoes make impossible the life of workers, visitors and especially dogs.

Recently, I found out that this machine can offer a better and safer life for our dogs and help us win the battle against mosquitoes.

This machine, named Mosquito Magnet, is produced and was tested in USA and European Union. It is highly recommended by users, another guarantee that each of your donated pennies is put at good work.

This machine can save dogs lives and protect them (and us) against deadly diseases (West Nile virus is perhaps the most well known virus transmitted by mosquitoes but also Dirofilaria is a disease that a dog gets after an infected bite from same insects) Read more here

Make a contribution, large or small to help us buy 2 machines plus enough accessories for the whole warm season – budget 3000 EUR.

Each machine covers 1 acre of land. Machine functions in fuel saving mode, is cordless (not with an electric wire, making possible to move it easily in the garden to protect the dogs)

Thank you for helping us to win another war on behalf of our voiceless friends! ROLDA Team

Update: One machine purchased from Italy. One more needed.