27 Mar

Virtual volunteer

Ready to become a virtual volunteer?

Virtual volunteers donate their talent, knowledge and time to non-profit organizations from the comforts of their own home. The opportunities are plentiful which means there is likely something for anyone looking to change for better the life of Romanian strays.

We are primarily searching for loyal, compassionate, well-informed, hard-working people to join us! Your experience related to animal charity work is less important at this stage.

How can you help ROLDA, sitting at your computer? Here’s how:

  • Creative copywriter –Write blog posts, create an ad on “free ads” websites to promote our dogs ready for adoption (a photo and short description of the dog which we are happy to provide!);
  • Grant writer — Like many other charities, we survive from grants and donations;
  • Computer skills — Website design for our international partners;
  • Creative graphic designer— Extremely useful for literature, brochures, posters;
  • Various other useful skills — Your skills and expertise are helpful: from offering us free legal advises to expertise in other (helpful for us) profession, education, project management
  • Translator — Proofread, transcription, translations from English to Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, French;
  • Researcher — e.g. send introduction letters to corporations or help ROLDA to make connections with like-minded groups;
  • Active online — Social media post, share, update (e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc).


Why not visit our shelters to meet our lovely dogs and friendly staff? Click here to learn more.


Top benefits of online volunteering

1. Learn about other country ;

2. Learn about issues that other country faces;

3. Exercise your skills;

4. Take on roles and responsibilities to do good;

You can make a difference any time you want, when it’s more convenient for you, without changing clothes, driving a car, finding a parking place etc.