13 Feb

Van appeal

Van crashed

Please don’t delete this message!

I’m writing to ask for your urgent help.

The urgency: ROLDA’s transport vehicle – the van we use every day to rescue homeless dogs from the streets was involved in a terrible accident – a truck lost control and hit the front left side, destroying our van completely. Our driver, Vasile – a ROLDA team member – suffered lesions to one hand and was hospitalized. No one else and no animals were injured.

Lace - wired dog

Lace is one of the last dogs we saved from a cruel death (and the use of our van was vital to saving his life). He was found caught in wires with a severely infected leg. If our team had been unable to transport him to the vet for emergency surgery, the infection would have taken over his whole body,resulting in terrible suffering and death.

Possibly you probably volunteer at your local shelter –
or at least watch TV Animal Planet from time to time. So you
understand how important critical a rescue van is for a charity committed to helping animals like Lace.

ROLDA simply cannot conduct rescue missions without a vehicle that will enable us to transport dogs to the vet clinic or back to safety at our shelters.

Our van cannot be salvaged. Although we (of course)
carried the required insurance coverage, in Romania such
insurance is usable only if the fault of an accident is that of the driver of the vehicle. ROLDA’s driver was not at fault.

It was the truck driver who caused the accident who was
found guilty. But the trucking company did not have the mandatory insurance. Worse, the driver of the truck was not legally employed by the trucking company AND a police investigation found that the back breaks f the truck were inoperable. It was only a matter of time before an accident occurred and, possibly, someone was even killed.

The bottom line: ROLDA’s only possible recourse is to sue the driver or the trucking company. But the driver is broke(so while he may go to prison we have no hope of collecting).
If we sue the trucking company it will be expensive to hire
a lawyer and it could take several years before we collect

Every year, ROLDA is able to help hundreds of street dogs
because, thanks to you past support, we have had a reliable way to transport them to safety. Now we do not. Irresponsible people and unfortunate circumstances have resulted in a tragic situation.

I need your help now more than ever. I just cannot let the animals down.

A replacement van will cost just over 9,000 EUR.We still need to raise approx. 5,000 EUR while the difference was generously covered by Swiss Animal Protection grant, Michele from Switzerland and other great private donors.

It’s not a huge amount but it is an unexpected and absolutely necessary that we just do not have in our budget. I hope you will understand that this is a situation that nobody wanted, planned or wished to happen.

Please, today if at all possible, be as generous as you possibly can. Help ROLDA replace its transport van so we can continue to rescue dogs from streets, get them veterinary care,and provide for them until we can find them loving forever homes.
Urgently, and on behalf of all the innocent animals who need
our help,

Dana Costin, Founder
ROLDA – Romanian League in Defense of Animals

P.S. I am counting on you – depending on you – to consider
this urgent plea for help and respond as quickly and
generously as you are able.