22 Jul

Privacy Policy

ROLDA UK believes strongly in protecting the integrity and privacy of personal information gathered from our members and visitors to our websites. Since the protection of your privacy is of great importance to us, we have created this privacy policy to communicate our practices regarding the collection and dissemination of personal information that can be linked to a specific individual, such as a name, address, phone number or e-mail address or any other information provided to us by our members and website visitors.

These policies do not extend to external sites linked from our sites or other non-ROLDA UK website content. Please check with these companies and sites for their policies regarding data privacy, including the use of “cookies”. Cookies are small pieces of information in the form of text files that are sent to your browser from our web server and are stored on your computer.
Cookies are essential to using the rolda.org.uk website, as they gather information on the type of platform you’re using to view our website e.g. Windows, IPhone, PS3. We use this information to optimise our website for your particular platform, so that you have the best experience no matter which platform you use.

  1. Essential to Site function cookies – these cookies allow you to browse the site, search for products and add items to the basket.
  2. Helpful, non intrusive cookies – these help improve your experience on the site, for example by recognising your location therefore displaying appropriate delivery options in a banner, and reminding you of your recently viewed items.
  3. Third Party Cookies – to help us record customer experience and to allow us to test new services, to help us improve the customer journey on the website.

Third Party Cookies

Google Analytics

Google use session and persistent cookies across their advertising products, and cookies are used by Google partners across their third party advertising network.
Google uses cookies to serve you relevant advertisements based on your recent searches. Anyone can opt out of this and Google also offers a number of options to permanently save your opt-out settings in your browser. Clarks use Google cookies to track on-site conversions.
Google Adwords, MSN/Bing & Yahoo

Google Adwords, MSN/Bing, and Yahoo use cookies to track our own paid advertising activity. We use the information collected by these cookies to help us determine where our ads will be most effective online. Each individual advertiser uses its own tracking cookies and the data taken is not confidential data or interchangeable.

Cookies and pixels are used to understand and deliver ads and make them more relevant to you. We may also use a cookie to learn whether someone who saw an ad on Facebook later visited our website.
Facebook website and mobile Custom Audiences use code that we place on our site to deliver targeted ads through Facebook Custom Audiences. Visit Facebook to find out more about Facebook custom audiences.

How do I disable cookies?

(Please be aware the e-commerce functionality of the site requires cookies to be turned on)

If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies. How to do this will depend on the browser you use and we provide further detail below on how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers:-
For Microsoft Internet Explorer:
1. Choose the menu “tools” then “Internet Options”
2 Click on the “privacy” tab
3 Select the setting the appropriate setting
For Mozilla firefox:
1. Choose the menu “tools” then “Options”
2 Click on the icon “privacy”
3 Find the menu “cookie” and select the relevant options
For Opera 6.0 and further:
1. Choose the menu Files”> “Preferences”
2 Privacy

Why does ROLDA UK ask for my information?

In order to participate in some activities, you might be asked to provide some personal information. This could be in connection with any one or a combination of the following:

Making or renewing a donation online

Sending personalised e-mail messages when participating in action alerts

Registration for ROLDA UK’s activist networks

Participation in contests, surveys, petitions, information-pack requests and giveaways

Subscription to ROLDA UK e-news lists


What information does ROLDA UK collect?

We do not collect personal information from our visitors other than what is supplied to us on a voluntary basis. We do not store credit card details or share customer payment details with any third parties.

How does ROLDA UK use the information gathered from the above-mentioned sources?

We use your information to provide you with details about our campaigns, events, activities, local volunteer opportunities, alerts, and membership and renewal appeals.

ROLDA UK also uses information gathered via our websites to improve our web-based campaigns.

How does ROLDA UK use materials I submit?

All photos, text and other content or information submitted by you to ROLDA UK shall become the property of ROLDA UK, and ROLDA UK shall have no obligation to preserve, return or otherwise make available to you or other people any photos or information so submitted.
You understand that because ROLDA UK becomes the owner of all photos, text and other content or information submitted by you, ROLDA UK and its officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns may use, reproduce, edit, display, transmit, modify, publish, prepare derivative works of and otherwise make use of the submitted photos, text and other content or information in any and all media – whether now known or hereinafter created – throughout the world and for any purpose, without compensation to you of any kind.
By submitting any photo, text or other content or information to ROLDA UK, you hereby represent and warrant that the submitted photo, text or other content or information does not infringe on any copyright or trademark, any rights of privacy or publicity of any person or any other right of any third party. You hereby represent and warrant that you have the right to transfer the photo, text or other content or information to ROLDA UK free and clear of any claims or encumbrances.
You acknowledge and agree that ROLDA UK shall have no obligation to post, display or otherwise make publicly available any photo, text or content or other information submitted by you.
You further understand and intend that any photo, text and other content or information submitted by you to ROLDA UK may be available for viewing, rating, reviewing and commenting by the public. You understand that comments or ratings that you disagree with or are unhappy about may be published or otherwise become associated with any photo, text or other content or information that you submit to ROLDA UK. By submitting any photo, text or other content or information to ROLDA UK, you hereby waive any privacy expectations that you may have with respect to any such photo, text or other content or information submitted by you to ROLDA UK.
You hereby agree to hold ROLDA UK and its officers, directors, employees, successors and assigns harmless from and against – and hereby waive any right to pursue – any claims of any nature arising in connection with ROLDA UK’s use of the photos, text or other content or information submitted by you to ROLDA UK and used in any manner in ROLDA UK’s sole and absolute discretion.

How is information used in ROLDA UK e-news?

You will only receive e-mail newsletters (e-news) from us if you have expressly signed up for e-news on a ROLDA UK website. The information we gather from subscribers to our e-news lists (including e-mail addresses) is not shared with other organisations or companies not affiliated with ROLDA UK. From time to time, we may send out e-mail messages that might include information about these like-minded organisations and companies, but we do not provide them with access to any personal information you have provided. If you live outside the United Kingdom and provide us with your contact details, we may share them with ROLDA UK’s international affiliates in order to keep you apprised of developments in your part of the world. If you don’t want your information to be given to ROLDA UK’s international affiliates, please contact us at roldauk@rolda.org

All e-mail messages sent to e-mail newsletter subscribers contain a link to unsubscribe or to modify your profile. You may subscribe or unsubscribe to any e-news or e-mail communication from ROLDA UK at any time.

If you have any questions about ROLDA UK e-news, please e-mail roldauk@rolda.org

How does ROLDA UK protect your information?

ROLDA UK is extremely protective of the information gathered through its membership and website. Our website has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. Our web server is located in a locked, secure environment.

Does ROLDA UK rent, sell or trade my information?

ROLDA UK occasionally makes the names and contact details of members who have consented to the sharing of this information available to reputable advocacy and non-profit organisations and commercial companies.

If you would like ROLDA UK and other ROLDA entities to contact you to keep you updated on our campaigns and future activities, please e-mail us your preferred contact details.

The easiest method for correcting and/or changing other information regarding your membership is to e-mail us.

Do you have additional questions?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, the information we have collected from you online, the practices of this site or your interaction with this website, e-mail us at roldauk@rolda.org