27 Mar

Other types of sponsoring

How you can sponsor a dog?

Please select among these options in order to join us to save Romanian street dogs from hunger, neglect and abused!

Private sponsors

Anne My name is Anne from Switzerland, I visit ROLDA every couple of months and just sponsored Alissa, Clair and Tosca, three dogs saved from the streets of Romania! Amazing feeling to help these voiceless souls! Will you try it?

1. Sponsor A Dog

When you sponsor one ROLDA dog’s food for a month (10 EUR) or the dog’ entire costs (food and medical services) for a whole year (200 EUR) you double your impact on our work because your donation enables us to save more dogs which right in this moment, are subject of abuses or face an imminent death.

You can choose to sponsor a whole kennel (5-6 adult dogs) for 50 EUR/month

200€ Sponsor a dog for a year
50€ Sponsor a kennel (5-6 dogs) for a month
10€ Sponsor food for a dog for a month

2. Sponsor Them All!

With 2.5 million strays in Romania, to promise you that we’ll “Save them all” is an utopia. Our charity helps each and every animal that needs our assistance, in the limit of our available resources (funds, logistics etc) and yes, we always wish to do more but in the same time, we have a moral duty to keep a balance between reality and dreams,  a balance between what we wish and what we actually can.

When you click on sponsoradog.ro website, you will discover a lot of beautiful, smiling, special dogs waiting to be discovered by a compassionate human in search of a new furry family member or “simply” in search to do some good and sponsor a dog rescued from streets. Some supporters instantly find the right dog/s to sponsor. Others find difficult to choose between all those gorgeous profiles…while others, we must admit it, don’t have enough financial resources to donate at once the cost of a dog’ annual sponsorship. This is why our team decided to transform the old sponsorship packages into Pawsitive Gifts options which can be made once, monthly or annually, depending on each supporter’ possibilities.
The one time gift of 300 EUR represents the costs incurred to save a dog: special nutrition if dog is underweighted, sterilization costs, special medical treatments when necessary.
The annual gift of 200 EUR covers the food, sheltering costs, medical regular treatments e.g. fleas and worms control treatment, annual booster vaccine. The monthly gift of 25 EUR is a new package addressed to our supporters, undecided which dog to choose to sponsor. We offer them the possibility to Sponsor Them All.  explained Dana Costin, Founder of ROLDA.

Starting this moment on, you can stop worrying that you don’t have enough funds to sponsor all the new dogs that we continue to rescue…because you can Sponsor Them All. With 25 EUR/month you can sponsor all our dogs, even donkey Ben and Mr. Cat and get a general update about all of them, every 6 months explained Dana.

3. Sponsor a staff member

Why not choosing to make a different gift (e.g. protection equipment) for one of the ROLDA rescue team members?


Corporate sponsors

If you represent a company click here to learn how you can help our dogs.

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