12 Jul

Too Late

For him it was too late

NOT Saved

Few months ago, our rescue van was destroyed in a terrible accident. Few months ago, it was impossible for us to rescue dogs like him!

A charity that rescue animals relies on well-trained staff, but also equipment and resources to be capable to complete its missions. Our team dedication, compassion, experience can’t replace the need of a vehicle, or of safety equipment or the need of available funds when we need them for gas, for medical supplies etc

Lacking a vehicle, we couldn’t reach this dog on time. It is a terrible,devastating feeling but in the same time, living moments like these, make us realize how important it is your support to complete our missions.

Big hearts shed tears but these dogs don’t need tears, they need to be saved. Organizations like Swiss Animal Protection but also individuals supporters of our branches from Switzerland, USA and Norway (as well as few other private donors) helped us purchase a new rescue van.

We remind you that we continue to be dependent of your support to reach the dogs that need us the most. It’s not one, or two. There are thousands of dogs injured, abused, starving. Our promise is to be here and never give up our projects, our hopes and dreams. We never did it in the past 10 years.

Please stand by us!

Help us never again say “It was too late”!