20 Aug

We made an offer he couldn’t refuse

We made Tobi an offer he couldn’t refuse!

Even after years rescuing dogs from the streets of Galati, we still can’t get used to the frightening conditions they live in. These images have the power to discourage and make one feel helpless. Many days we question whether we are doing enough to save these poor dogs, and each time we remind ourselves that we are doing all we can.

Spending our days surrounded by the pain and suffering these dogs are experiencing is emotionally exhausting and traumatizing.

…But at the end of the day, if we save at least one dog, it makes waking up the next morning easier!

One of the most challenging days was when we found Tobi, a Labrador with a nasty open wound on his leg that had been rotting in the blistering sun for days. Worms were swimming around the blackened flesh and flies were buzzing around them, trying to partake in the feast. Because of the severity of the infection,Tobi had to endure pain until the antibiotics made the wound ready for operation.

We don’t know how long Tobi suffered in silence, and though we try not to focus on such thoughts, they are difficult to ignore. It’s difficult not to be affected by the dead dogs we find on the streets each day, but we are motivated by the millions still out there we can save.

But to reach them in time, we need you to help today.

Your donation will help us save more dogs like Tobi that are sick and injured, lying alone somewhere as worms feast on their wounds.
Sadly, most of the injuries we have to treat require costly equipment and medication that you can provide.

Send us your donation today and help a dog receive the medical attention it needs and deserves!
We were able to rescue, treat, and save Tobi because of the donations we receive, but with you, we can save more dogs!

Today, Tobi is healing safely in our shelter, enjoying first-class treatment from our dedicated staff. You can help more dogs like Tobi get medical attention at our shelter.

Don’t wait until they are beyond help! Send your donation today!
With hopes,
ROLDA Rescue Team

P.S. ROLDA offers several ways you can help homeless and abandoned dogs in Romania. Just visit sponsoradog.ro to meet our dogs, click on each dog profile and choose which is the best way for you to help/sponsor or adopt. And don’t forget to share this message with others! The more supporters ROLDA has, the more dogs we can save!