25 Sep

The incredible simple way

The Incredible Simple Way to Make a Dog Happy

Rescued dogWe humans are hard to please. We want so much and are never satisfied. We often don’t appreciate what we have because we are blinded by desire and greed. Unfortunately, it’s hard to make us happy.

Dogs are so much more pure. All they want is someone to love and care for them. Someone who can give them shelter, food, companionship, and attention. Dogs are very easy to please, and it takes very little to make them happy.

They Are Grateful for Everything We Give Them!!!! We are Their World, Their Everything.

Without us, a dog is just another animal, but together we are friends and family. Remember: A dog is a man’s best friend. We are meant to be together.

We are meant to make each other happy!As long as we are there for our dog, he or she is happy!When we are present and responsible friends, they look up to us. They know that we provide for them because we care. That is why they wag their tail and look at us with those joyful eyes every time we’re around. They are saying “Thanks!

They Need Us….They Need You

Today you have the opportunity to bring a dog happiness forever. Not just any dog, a dog that has been rescued from a life filled with pain and suffering. A dog like Buffy.

ROLDA has 700 dogs in its shelters that are waiting for their forever friend … their forever family … and their forever home. These are dogs we saved so they can get a chance to be happy.

You Can Give Them THAT Chance. You Can Give Them Happiness.

Adopt a ROLDA Dog Today and change both your lives forever!
If you can’t adopt right now, you can bring an immense amount of happiness to our dogs by becoming a ROLDA ambassador — a volunteer that spreads the word about our dogs to bring in more supporters, and bring together more dogs and people.

When you become a ROLDA ambassador, you are opening more doors for people and rescued dogs to find each other. Become a ROLDA Ambassador today!

Bring a dog happiness today. It’s so incredibly simple!