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You are PAWs-ome!

Thank you, [name], for your generous donation, which placed you directly into the ROLDA PAWs pack!

In case you wonder, PAWs come from Partners in Animal Welfare and this is exactly who you are: an incredible partner for us which enable us to continue the rescue work in Romania and since the war in Ukraine started, to lend a helping hand to animals in neighboring countries.

Each day, we are grateful to have compassionate supporters like you who take time out of their day to read about our activities and find it in their hearts to help suffering animals thousands of miles away.

We are grateful because your kindness gives us the opportunity to:
● provide food and medical care to hundreds of dogs saved from abuse or danger of wandering on the streets
● be able to provide a decent, safe shelter to hundreds of dogs
● not being forced to refuse any dog who needs immediate medical care
● give a second chance to hundreds of dogs who find adoptive parents

We feel you are our partner, and because of you, ROLDA staff continues to help the dogs overcome their physical and emotional trauma and to nurture them into confident, happy companions ready to be adopted.

Our staff comprises of a dozen of people, including volunteers and 6 caretakers who look after hundreds of animals for which ROLDA is their only home.
Since ROLDA became a registered charity back in 2006, we managed to keep the administration costs at minimum without compromising our quality of care and spend each year over 90% of the total budget — which includes your contributions — on direct costs for animals and investments for their wellbeing.

To view ROLDA’s financial reports, click here.

By allocating your generous donations wisely, we save more animals desperately in need of help.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our dogs, which is why year-round we ask for general donations to help us cover the cost of essentials such as food, veterinary care, and shelter repairs. Once we’ve secured these needs, the remaining funds go towards organizing sterilization and identification campaigns for pets with low-income families—a crucial program necessary to end the stray overpopulation crisis and limit abandonment. We also send support to other Romanian cities where we identified reliable collaborators (Tulcea, Caracal etc.) and emergency aid in Ukraine. When we can afford it, we also spend money on education campaigns.

Once again, your help makes all this possible, and it’s very important for you to see how much your donation enables us to help hundreds of animals each year. Yes, every donation—no matter the amount—has a profound impact on the lives of animals in Romania (as well as Ukraine, as an emergency).

Our plans for the future include building up state of the art, unique center dedicated to the human-animal ancestral bond, which will include services like therapy with animals for people, rehabilitation for scared and abused animals, as well as veterinary services, training opportunities, education programs, plus sheltering facilities for dogs, cats and farm animals. We called it PawzUp Center and it will be built brick by brick with the support of PAWs-some people like you who sustain us from all over the World.

We hope you are happy to know that your contributions to ROLDA save thousands of lives
We hope you appreciate that we do not only help animals but also our community
We hope you will continue to stand by us as long as you feel inspired to help our cause… as long as you trust us…and as long as you feel appreciated.

Remember, you are always appreciated here at ROLDA because you are the reason more animals are being saved in Romania!

Thank you for your generosity and compassion,
Dana and ROLDA Rescue Team

PS. Please don’t forget that your receipt is attached, you can download it for tax purposes if necessary. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or directly Dana on Whatsapp at 0040748903612