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Dear [name],

Thank you for your thoughtful (and 2x impactful) gift! 🙏

Our Swiss partner matched your donation, meaning that every euro will be doubled to pay for costs incurred by our activities in Romania and helping animals in Ukraine. That means that ROLDA can pay for food, surgeries, medicines, vitamins, veterinary visits, and hospitalization when necessary.

We are incredibly grateful for your support and the tremendous impact of your kindness! 👏
ROLDA would not exist without you and animals like Ion and Ira would never have been given a second chance at life.

Together, we have helped over 40,000 animals in Romania and Ukraine.
Together, we can reach more injured, alone, and hungry animals who desperately need help.

If you consider a subsequent gift before the end of this campaign on 30th October, please keep in mind the story of Orekh, a homeless dog from the city of Orekhov, which has been under constant Russian shelling for two years now. The dog was named after the city and his story has a dose of heroism, too. Nobody knows when Orekh became homeless but he was staying with soldiers exposed to attacks. One day, he was injured during massive shelling. The wound was so deep, that when he finally reached a vet, he actually saw the blood pumped from his heart …he lost a lot of blood. Miraculously, he survived and is now in the process of recovery.

[name], thank you again for your donation! 🤗