You are a Super Hero for Them

You made the greatest gift of all!
Because with a regular income, ROLDA can plan expenses and fundraising campaigns more effectively knowing the money will be there. It’s also better for you, the donor, because you can make smaller, regular donations that fit better into your budget each month rather than one large lump sum.

This message was created by a person, not by a robot. It goes to you automatically because I feel it is important to send you a confirmation that your generous gift was received, even if I am not all the time near the computer. Most of the day, if I do not participate to rescue missions, I am at the shelters or going around, with various administration jobs to do.

It is amazing that we can help 600-700 dogs (and the donkey Ben) with less than 20 people in our staff, from which some are volunteers! Isn’t it? But this is one of our small secrets to keep the administration costs under 8% in past year and spend approx. 92% of the total budget on dogs’ direct costs!

Click here to be informed about the latest Financial Report.

Your generous help is wisely used and enables ROLDA save more abused, injured, abandoned animals.

All year round, donations made for “general purpose” help us cover the food, veterinary care, shelter costs. Our top-priority is to keep our dogs clean, safe, healthy and as much as possible, happy.

When we have enough funding, we organize sterilization and identification campaigns for poor pets in the villages, to prevent the abandons and the born of unwanted puppies. Also, sometimes, we provide emergency food aid to impoverished families with pets.

The plans for future include:

One day, we hope to open a Wild Habitat for senior dogs.


I hope you are happy to know that each time you donate to ROLDA your donation has the highest impact for the animals. I hope you appreciate that we do not only help animals, but also the community that show interest and respect for our voiceless friends. I hope that you will continue to stand by us, for as long as you feel inspired about what we do, for as long as you trust us …and for as long as you feel appreciated. And yes, you are appreciated because from all the people, I know better than anyone else that we, ROLDA exist because you care!

In the end…can I ask you a small favor?

Please copy/paste this and send an email to your friends who might be interested about our work in Romania:

I support ROLDA, an international charity focused to help abused, abandoned animals but also the pets from poor communities in Romania. From over 10 years, ROLDA dreams continue to grow. In order to meet its goals but also the increased demand for help, ROLDA needs more loyal supporters. Take a look to and let them count on you!Your support will reach thousands of animals who are in dire need of more people like you!. Thanks!

With respect and hope,

Dana Costin
Founder and President
ROLDA & Romanian League in Defense of Animals, Inc