03 Aug


TI got off the train in Galati and Dana picked me up, she drove me to the shelter and it was so nice to catch up with her since it was almost 2 years than my last visit. At the shelter I was greeted with a lot of wagging tails and kisses. ROLDA dogs are truly happy dogs and you can see that they are well taken care of because otherwise they wouldn’t be so happy and search for attention. But with that said we need to remember that a life in a kennel is not a life for a dog and we need to work harder to get these lovely dogs to their forever home. Dana showed me the vet clinic and all the improvements that have been done since last time I visited. The sun went down and Dana showed me where I would spend the night… After a good night sleep a lovely ROLDA staff drove me to Bucharest airport. I can’t wait to do this again, meet all the  dogs, the nice staff and hopefully if we all work together bring dogs to their forever homes!