27 May

Muriel from Switzerland ADOPTER, VOLUNTEER VISITOR

“Difficult to express in only some words the emotion felt coming to visit ROLDA shelters. I was expecting to see dirty dogs lying in bad conditions ….this is what we, Swiss people, hear about Romanian “shelters”. But in fact, when I arrived I saw all these adorable dogs, healthy, clean, well fed, in large well-appointed cages or released. No chains around their necks. And all these cages have little importance. The only thing is the love that emanates from everywhere … The love that dogs have spontaneously given me, the love that they were given to Dana and to the employees… which are not just “working” in the shelter, but they are these dogs’ only family they have. That’s what touched me, the love that emanates from this place. Even if it’s hard to see all these dogs that are waiting for a family, I know they are getting the best in this shelter. The dogs are there, full of affection, waiting a little attention from human side … And that’s why I need to continue to help them.”