08 Jul

Michele P.M. from Switzerland (June 2020), President of ROLDA Suisse, ADOPTER, VOLUNTEER VISITOR

I have been supporting ROLDA since 7 years. I heard about ROLDA when I read a post on Facebook requesting some help for the trip of the first dogs to Switzerland. I decided to help this honest association. Then, I adopted Arno. I became a member of Rolda.ch, then I joined the committee, and finally became the President of Rolda.ch. I am actually proud to be the president of this association.
I have adopted Ruby in 2016.
And, one week ago, visiting the shelters in Smardan, I saw Piciu, who has been severely wounded. His front left leg had to be amputated. I needed only 5 minutes to decide that I could find someplace at home to welcome Piciu.

Michele, president of Association ROLDA Suisse (July 2020)