10 Jul

Melissa from USA

Working with ROLDA has been a really great experience. I love working with others who are so passionate about saving the lives of animals, and it’s very clear, in everything they do, that ROLDA puts the needs of the animals ahead of anything else. Through my work with ROLDA I’ve been given the opportunity to learn about the difference ROLDA is making in the lives of the stray dogs on the streets of Romania. It’s also given me a chance to share their story, and the stories of the dogs who are rescued, with animal lovers throughout the United States. I hope to work and volunteer with ROLDA for years to come, as I believe in their mission and the love they have for the dogs they rescue. A dream of mine is to visit the rescue one day, to not only meet some of the rescued dogs, but to also meet Dana, the human behind the mission. Dana is a force to be reckon with and I can confidently say her work is making a huge difference in her community, and throughout the world. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with such compassionate people!