03 Aug

Lolita Morena from Switzerland, Founder of ROLDA Suisse, ADOPTER, VOLUNTEER VISITOR

After passing the gates of the large shelter ROLDA, the first thing that you’ll be struck by is the silence, almost unreal of this place… and then by the thunderous barking addressed to us by the 700 doggies saved by Dana: greetings-barking often or sometimes, imperative crying-barking for attention!

Then there are the emotions: Astonishment in front of the magnitude of the situation, rage against the injustice created by humans, sadness of being powerless witnesses of a miserable life to which the Romanian street dogs have been exposed, joy to finally see them rescued and safe, admiration for the endless commitment and dedication of Dana and her team,…the tears, difficult to keep them from falling… so here we are losing our thoughts deep in the pure looks of the dogs in front of us and dreaming for a better world. When, after the visit, the gates are closed, we know that a piece of ROLDA will remain forever etched in our memory.

Note: Lolita visited for the first time ROLDA shelters in November 2013 and shortly after, she became one of the founders which put the bases of ROLDA Swiss sister-charity. Lolita returns regularly in Romania.

Lolita Morena – August 2014