20 Dec

Lisa from Sweden (July 2020) President of Association ROLDA Sverige

I have been with ROLDA since 2014 and at first I had no experience with street dogs at all. I traveled to Romania where I met Dana and the organisation in Sweden started, ROLDA Sverige.
I run my own business and its not always easy to find time to volunteer but when I do I always get that extra energy! I feel that great love the dogs always gives me when I visit Romania and the warmth from the people
who work with ROLDA. I can not imagine how hard it has been for Dana to build such an amazing organization, it has not been easy I know that,
she had difficulties but always keep on going, no matter what. The animals needs an organisation as ROLDA that will never leave no animal behind no matter what. I am proud to be a part of ROLDA!

Lisa (July 2020)