02 Apr


The ROLDA sanctuaries are run by the devoted Dana Costin together with her co-workers. Today there are more than six hundred dogs, and the donkey Ben, for them to care for.
A visit at the large sanctuary is an emotional experience: Glad to see all these dogs saved from their former life, victims of hunger, violence and danger of accidents and diseases – sad to see how much more care they need, and how many of them crave intensively for contact with humans.
Rolda’s goal is to adopt as many of these dogs as possible to homes in Europe, where they can get love and care and a life worthy a living soul. A lot of work is also done to cure dogs who suffer from injuries and diseases. To save lives is Rolda’s aim, but also to take the responsibility to put an end to a life that consists of suffering and pain.
Fundraising is not easy. Although there are many dog lovers around Europe who contribute, the need is still urgent. Costs for veterinary, vaccinations, maintenance, food for the dogs and material of all kinds is in constant need. Rolda also engages in feeding stray dogs and campaigns for sterilization of dogs in the neighborhood.
Being a volunteer is for me, personally, rewarding: I can see that my money does go straight to what they are meant for and that our work gives many animals a home and a better life.