07 Oct

ANJA from Germany, VOLUNTEER

My name is Anja, I live close to Hamburg. How did I come to join this project? First of all I met Sabine last year via Twitter. We got along great from minute 1…when I met Tofu (the sweetest rascal I’ve ever seen) I fell in love the second I saw him. Sabine and I talked a lot about Romanian stray dogs and I got to know a lot about how terrible the situation in Romania is for these animals. When Sabine told me she is going to be the head of the German operation I warmed up to the idea to help too. Muffin (Sabine’s second adopted dog) helped in making the decision to join this awesome project, because you have to know Muffin is just as cute and lovable as Tofu is. You can say I found one of my life tasks in the ROLDA organization.