15 Aug

Summer News

Street dog and a human

Goals to reach before cold season comes

We presently have 750 dogs in our daily care. The most recently saved need extra quality food and some – special medical care.

All our protegees need quality care in order to become adoptable pets: good balanced, healthy and sociable. The conditions from our shelters influence directly the well being (the state of health and the behavior) of the dogs.

Help! Straws and pallets repair

Before winter comes, we need to repair the pallets where straws is added to keep the dogs’ warm when outside temperatures reach – 20C during day time.

Lonely Christmas

For many of us, December month is the  Christmas month or Gifts month…but for some Romanian dogs, it will be the time of year when they will remain homeless .

Romanian authorities marked December as a deadline for all people to sterilize and microchip/register in the national database their dogs /their pets.

Many Romanian families hardly survive and cover the costs from one month to another. They can’t afford the sterilization and microchip costs, which goes to 26 EUR. Facing the risk of getting a huge fine,  many Romanians will prefer to get rid of the “problem” and the abandons rate will increase dramatically.

Our charity aims to help the rural community to sterilize and microchip 200 dogs from poor families. We raised the funds to help 105 dogs. Please help us reach the goal by the end of September!

Choose your gift!

5€ Pallet repair to keep dogs warm in winter
6€ Microchip a pet (social program)
10€ Extra food to help sick dogs recover faster
20€ Sterilization for a medium dog from a poor family

ROLDA Suisse, August 2014

photo (from left to right) Dana, Lolita, Anne, Delu, Suzanne, Muriel, Vasile, Jennifer, Ghita

August Events

Between 15-17 August a delegation of Association ROLDA Suisse ‘volunteers  visit the shelters and return with 9 lucky dogs back home in Switzerland.

On 30 August, a new exposition of dogs paintings creation of our friend, Muriel will open the doors for you in Martigny-Combe in Switzerland.

End of the month, Sandra from Sweden will return to our shelters and will not leave with empty hands – she will help some dogs to reach their forever homes!