30 May

Summer campaign 2015

See? We couldn’t have done it without you!


He is Philip. A senior dog, former stray in Romania. As you might thought, he didn’t have an easy life until ROLDA rescue team brought him in our shelter.

We can only guess how many times he was in pain, hungry, scared.Or how many time he suffered because internal parasites (worms) or external parasites (fleas and ticks). Street dogs don’t benefit regular veterinary checks like pets do.

Pets have their human companions to look after them responsibly but street dogs have nobody.

Except for 600 dogs that we currently look after.

It is a major daily responsibility, a huge task that our team undertake, supported by our amazing supporters!

The dogs from our shelters are still “without a home” because they are yet adopted but they are our pets.

I am one of the luckiest animal lovers on this Planet with 600 pets to keep me company.

The unique sensation of being able to spoil them all and being welcomed by a forest of wagging tails is something I can live day by day thanks to supporters like you. Of course, there are days of worries, days of sadness, days when I wish I could do more.

Around these wagging tails, I learn to never look discouraged because they feel humans. And they had many reasons in the past to be sad about.


Mircea is also a former street senior dog. He is a bit lazy especially during summer days. But he seems pretty happy in this picture. He is free of parasites and enjoy a comfortable life, the best life I can offer him.

It costs 7 EUR to cover a treatment against parasites for a dog in our care. And it costs 30 EUR to disinfect an entire kennel (with 5-6 dogs). Both measures maintain are a routine in our shelters. Please be as generous as you can to help us keep our dogs healthy and in good shape, ready for adoption.

Thank you!

PS. Some of our supporters already responded to our previous appeal. Funds collected a week ago, helped us to provide medical care to dogs like Mircea. There are hundred more that need your help. Please make a gift TODAY!