03 Apr

Our strategy

ROLDA’s Vision and Strategy

Ongoing strategy

ROLDA’s ongoing strategy refers to its daily operations, which we conduct in a responsible and professional manner. We are always striving to improve our mission by partnering with institutions and individuals who share our values and vision.


  • Rescuing dogs
  • Providing sheltering and food
  • Providing veterinary care and rehabilitation
  • Training staff members and recruiting volunteers
  • Organizing education events
  • Rehoming dogs (international adoptions)

ROLDA also helps impoverished dog owners in the community with:

  • Emergency food aid
  • Medical care
  • Sterilization
  • Pet registration and microchipping

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Short-term Objectives

ROLDA’s short-term objectives are essential to the welfare of the dogs in our shelters and those that still need rescuing. These objectives require time, patience, and funding.

Some of our short-term objectives include:
1. Repair 3 paddocks to ensure our dogs are comfortable.
2. Repair the containers in staff restroom.
3. Repair the dog food storage area to prevent contamination.

Due to increasing requests for more rescues and sterilizations, it is necessary to expand our operations. This will require more funds, staff, resources, and logistics.
Some of our expansion projects include:

  •  Purchase additional land
  •  Fence the new land for animals safety
  • Purchase veterinary equipment

Long-term Strategy

Because Romania has one the highest stray dog populations in the world, our primary objective is saving them and controlling their population. However, we envision a bright future where ROLDA is recognized as a safe haven for all animals in need.

Our long-term strategies include:

  1. Transform our shelters into “Green” shelters
  2. Add an adoption area for cats and dogs
  3. Build an organic farm
  4. Build a sanctuary for horses and donkeys
  5. Build a shelter for cats
  6. Build a small sanctuary for rescued farm animals
  7. Create the Wild Habitat for un-adoptable dogs
  8. Launch a Therapy With Dogs for Seniors program

Our mission is challenging, but the reward of saving animals from pain and suffering is worthwhile. Thanks to your help and trust, our mission in Romania remains possible!

For ROLDA to continue serving homeless dogs in Romania, we depend on your donations and support.