03 Dec

Strategy 1st Shelter

Strategical Planning

Strategy Adoption Center 2015

Take a look to the plan’ design and the explanations placed at your right.

It will make easier for you to visualize our strategy, especially if you never visited this place.

The buildings named D1, D10 (paddock and running area)were already built thanks to our sponsors’ generosity. Read here a little bit of history about this shelter.

The buildings named D2, D2O (smaller paddock, running area) will be transformed into a real life (adoption) room as it was created successfully at the 2nd shelter

Premises ID, S, OF,V (staff, volunteers and office rooms) need major repairs and improvements.

The buildings named C, CO are part of the new cat project.

What’s next?

  • Expand 1st shelter land – buy the nearby property.
  • Build a real life (adoption) room.
  • Renovate cottage.
  • Build a sanctuary for cats.

What was just done?

2015— the front fencing was replaced. The gates were old and self-opening during storms or heavy snow which made easy dogs’ escaping in the field, exposed to car accident or other dangers.

New fencing
photo: new front fence

New auto gate
photo: new auto gate

New small gate
photo: new small gate.

Big thanks to our donors from USA and Switzerland who helped us accomplish this renovation work.

Next step

The next step is buying the nearby plot (with the old house that will have to be demolished). 59% of the funds for the nearby plot were already raised by Association ROLDA Suisse coordinated by Lolita and her team.

As soon as the plot is bought, house demolished and the new fence created, we can transform the current cottage into indoor area for dogs (ID), staff area (S), office (OF) and a small space for international volunteers (V)

Over the years, we welcomed volunteers from across the World from Australia to USA and many countries from Europe. You can read some of these great people’ testimonials here.