Homeless dog in winter

Winter is Responsible for the Death of Thousands of Homeless Dogs

In Romania, more than 2.5 million strays have to scramble and fight among themselves for warm shelter and food.

We are talking about severely underweight dogs that are stricken with disease and injuries struggling to find food and a warm place to call “home” during these cold months.
Because of their poor health condition, many don’t survive the winter season. In fact, the majority die in the first weeks. These are usually the weak, sick, and old dogs. Newborn puppies are also victims. Oftentimes, entire litters succumb to the freezing temperatures.

Christmas has passed, but there are still 3 more months of winter left.

Together we can help these poor dogs survive winter!

Here are some ways you can contribute:
1. Donate to help us continue feeding homeless dogs.

2. Become a ROLDA Ambassador.
3. Adopt a dog.
4. Sponsor a dog.

Buffy and Dana“Harsh winters in Romania make numerous victims. Luckily, Buffy wasn’t one of the victims, because we – together- could rescue her on time. Buffy is one top success story. This Christmas she arrived in her forever home in Switzerland, where a family of watch makers adopted her. What would have been the alternatives for her in Romania? Countless of other dogs struggles to survive in winter across Romania. Only skin and bones, injured, freezing. We can’t save them all. But we can provide them food, emergency medical care, save as many as possible and find them good homes. Buffy story is the inspiration we all search when the problems are overwhelming and when the “battle” seems unending. When I am able to save a dog like Buffy, I am the happiest person on Earth and I thank each of you for this great feeling.”
(Photo: Buffy with Dana Costin – Founder ROLDA)

We, at ROLDA, appreciate more than anyone else your generosity, trust and compassion.

Large shelter during winter

photo: ROLDA Shelter (Winter 2014/2015)

Large shelter December 2014

photo: Marian clears the way for quick access to dogs, after the snow storm. (December 2014)