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There is no place like home. But what if you are a homeless, abused dog? Printz Memorial Sanctuary was started in 2003 and within few months, was already nominated one of the best dog shelters from East Europe. This place not only represents ROLDA beginnings; it is not only our pride. It is a heaven for abused, neglected animals (dogs, but also a few cats) that have no other place to call home.

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First modern sanctuary

Smardan is the first village from Galati ‘surroundings where the municipality stopped killing dogs as a result of collaboration started with ROLDA.

In 2003, ROLDA purchased a plot of 2200 sq. m. where we put the basis of the first modern sanctuary (insulated, heated) from Romania. Initially built on wood, following the British shelters’ model, the sanctuary was renovated in 2010 and presently, provides spacious, indoor accommodation for 70 dogs as well as three large playing grounds where dogs can roam free and socialize.


This small sanctuary, operating with minimal budget but maximum efficiency, was top rated by Animal People Newspaper journalists in 2004, from 17 other shelters from entire East Europe, the Best Dog Shelter and nominated one of the best dogs places from Romania by the US journalist Merritt Clifton during his visits in 2010 and 2013.

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Mix German shepherd, Printz was the first dog saved by Dana, ROLDA Founder. Discovered in a local park, where he was abandoned with multiple open wounds, it was obvious that Printz was the victim of dogs illegal fighting.

He lost the fight with another dog and was disposed like a bag of trash. But instead he won Dana’s heart and became the first from a long series of rescued animals. Printz left this World in 2002 but will always remain the dog that inspired us to create ROLDA and the first dog that fuel our dreams and ambitions.

Our results so far

1st village

Smardan is the first village from Galati ‘surroundings where the municipality stopped killing dogs as a result of collaboration with ROLDA.

700 Dogs

Got a new chance after they have been abandoned by villagers or were saved by ROLDA team from living in chains, where they were convicted to starvation and diseases.


Percentage of the dogs housed at Printz Memorial Sanctuary who get a forever home internationally.


The total number of households which benefits of the Printz Memorial Sanctuary' services, all year round.


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$how you care
The area for current services/administration needs capital repairs. The building needs a bathroom area where dogs can be washed especially in the wet and cold season. Also it needs a heated quarantine...
$9101 raised of $40000


  1. 2200 square m land purchased in the village of Smardan


  2. Initially, the shelter was made by wood, following a British model. It has 10 kennels and 2 quarantine spaces.


  3. A ruin purchased together with the land was transformed into a cottage to provide decent accommodation for the international volunteers.


  4. Animal People newspaper’ journalists visited and top-rated this shelter, after evaluating 17 other shelters from Romania and other Eastern European countries

    May 1st, 2004

  5. Built the second block of 10 kennels, using insulated, fireproof materials


  6. First celebrity visited us: Loretta Swit, the actress from M.A.S.H. TV series, a well-known animal activist.

    May 1st, 2005

  7. WSPA representative visited the shelter.

    June 1st, 2006

  8. A new water source was dig and the wood paddocks renovated.


  9. It was top-rated again the best dog shelter in Romania.

    February 1st, 2010

  10. Three sides of the fencing were replaced.


  11. The shelter which includes now a modern dog housing facility, was nominated for the third time the best dog shelter from Romania.

    October 1st, 2013

  12. Maintenance work and small repairs done as well as built the 4th side of the fencing.


  13. Finished the 4th fencing side (including secured the auto gate) and planted thuia trees around the running space.



The hurt was so severe, I felt blinded. Searing pain spread like wild fire through my haunches and tail. Running away was impossible. Instead, I tried desperately to drag myself to safety, my back legs felt broken.

Before and After

To rescue a dog is not an easy job, as it sounds. As soon as the saving mission ends, the dog becomes a member of our shelters’ family, a part of our daily work. The rescued dog becomes our responsibility!