12 Jun

Second Quarter 2014 Newsletter

Done between April -June months

Since the beginning of the year, 313 dogs have been rescued, 282 sterilized and 68 adopted:

January – March: 120 rescued, 72 sterilized, 41 adopted.

April – June: 193 rescued, 210 sterilized, 27 adopted.

International protest

geneva_may 2014_6

May 2014: The Swiss friends organized a demonstration in Geneva simultaneously with people from other cities across Europe asking the Romanian authorities to stop the killing of street dogs.

photo: Lolita Morena, co-founder of Association ROLDA Suisse.

About 200 Swiss people voiced for the Romanian dogs. Thank you!

geneva_may 2014_5


Visit at Royal Norwegian Embassy

It was a great joy for us to welcome back Mrs. B. and Hege from Gatehunder fra Romania Norway (May)


Beginning of June, our friends Emilie and Anne from our Swiss branch came in a short visit, to go back home with some adopted dogs but also to attend a special event made by 70 kids from the local school.

In the above photo, you can see the kids teacher coordinator Elena, the school director, Anne and Emilie!

For one week in June, we will be welcoming Silje from Norway – a great lady who adopted a dog from us last year.

Sister charities and partners

During second quarter of this year, Lolita and her friends from Switzerland officially created our youngest branch, the Association ROLDA Suisse.


From left to right: Lolita, Muriel and John – the founders.

To learn more about ROLDA Suisse goals take a look here.

ROLDA Holland is recovering and getting stronger. Many thanks to Joke and Hanneke who work so hard day by day and succeed to rehome 6 dogs which will soon travel to their adopters families.

Thank you Liesbeth for traveling to Romania to fly back our dogs “home” in Holland!

DMT is helping our dogs fly to Holland for three years now. Thanks to Mr. Piet, the CEO — his family members and  his collaborators — our dogs can start a new life! DMT is just one of our charity sponsors, meet here all!

Official meetings

Royal Norwegian Embasy

Beginning of May, ROLDA representatives from Romania and Norway met the officials of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest to exchange opinions about the street dogs situation in Romania  read more

Education campaign

70 kids from the local school organized creative contests to raise public awareness about our charity hard work to help abandoned, suffering street dogs read more


Green activities


55 Paulownia trees donated by our Swiss branch planted at the large shelter. Read why


6 dogs left with Anne and Emilie to Switzerland.

6 dogs are adopted and ready to travel in Holland: Jean, Melisa, Tough, Dorotee, Caramel and Doree!

1 dog adopted by Cerian while 6 others will leave to UK end of June.

6 dogs are adopted in Norway: Samba, Lipa, Paula, Alba, Hedda and Dior!

Thank you Joke & Hanneke, Lolita & Muriel, Marianne, Cerian, Jenny, Hege — special thanks also go to the volunteers who travel to pick up the dogs, to the people that helps us with logistics…and of course, to all the adopters who opened their hearts and the house to these wonderful dogs!

My deep gratitude to the shelter partners we have in Switzerland and UK!

Rescue dogs from PS (public shelter)


Hedda and Alba are two girls saved from the public shelter – where the officials declare approximately 1000 dogs imprisoned.

Alba was saved with a puppy. Because of the diseases and the bad hygiene, the puppy responded negatively to the first vaccine and couldn’t be saved.

The other puppy rescued from the public shelter couldn’t be vaccinated as she was coughing (with short breaks) for a few weeks. Finally, after different treatments, her cough stopped and we could vaccinate her once. We hope she is strong enough now and she will make it.

International events


Our volunteers from USA attend  CAPE Film Festival, Doggy Dash event organized by Sacramento SPCA as well as Animal Care Expo in Florida organized by Humane Society of United States where we had one of the most beautiful booths according to the visitors.

Thank you Shannon and Lesley for a very professional, great job done!

Do you know that?

….In Romania hot summer days create a nightmare for the homeless dogs, exposed to skin diseases caused by parasites (ticks and fleas).

For just 15 EUR we can provide parasites control pills and spot-on to make easier a dog life, protect him (and us) against diseases, keep him healthy and ready for adoption.

15€ One parasites control treatment
30€ Two parasites control treatments =2 dogs helped!
75€ Five parasites control treatments = 5 dogs helped!

…A tick can survive without food for more years and it is a top-cause of weakness and anemia of street dogs?

…You can be updated with the hottest animal news from around the World if you subscribe to Animals 24-7.org ?

Special thanks to special donors

Individual donors (general purpose):

Alessandro,Alicia,Avalon, Berit, Beverley, Borghild,Cindy, Corinna, Debra, Divito, Gina, Inge, Learning Recovery, Lisa S., Lolita, Manuela, Marina, Michele, Misha, Nikoletta, Rayma, Sandra, Sarah, Simona, Susann, Tamara, Tajana, Therese, Tone, Trine, Yvonne, Wiebe.