10 Jan

School education campaign

Why an education campaign for kids?

Every time we think about how the Planet will look tomorrow …or if there will be any Planet left after tomorrow…we turn our eyes to the young generation.

The younger ones are the promoters of our projects and dreams. They are our hope that all current efforts were not made in vain. To move in the right direction, the young generation should be guided on the right direction and motivated.

The teachers and kids from the village school want to become The most pet responsible School!

For this purpose, a new contest will be launched in two phases (winter – late spring and early fall – winter) and the winners’ ceremony will happen just before the winter vacation.

Every class leaded by its teacher will have the freedom to create an event to raise awareness about the street dogs, about our charity shelter and about the importance of dogs in our lives.

Every event will be presented to our supporters. Kids will paint postcards which will be sold to raise funds for the dogs and for the school prize: a laptop.

Our aims

– Welcome the kids visit to the shelters;

– Sterilize 100 new dogs in the village at 20 EUR/each dog;

– Green action (cleaning campaign at the shelters);

– A public talk in school about the dogs and the importance of sterilization;

– Creation of posters;

– Others creatives events.

Prizes will be offered for: best poster; best message about the importance of sterilization; best dogs paintings, best message -slogan to encourage visit at the shelter; special prize to the previous best message to encourage adoptions.

Sponsors needed for:

– small gift boxes (e.g. chocolate box, other sweets);

– personalized objects e.g. dog small mascots, t-shirts);

– school prize: a laptop and a video projector

– shelter prize for the dogs: a surveillance system with 6 outdoor night vision cameras.

If you wish to help this education program with an idea, with a donation, or to write begging letters to companies that might fund /offer some prizes, or if you want to become the sponsor of a prize, please contact us at rolda@care2.com

We have created a Facebook event where  kids’ creation are sold online to benefit our dogs.

Support the kids campaign for dogs!

20€ One dog sterilized
30€ One gift box for a child
200€ Big sponsor
700€ School’ laptop
1000€ Gift for shelter