03 Jun

School contest


Leave your prejudgements behind!

70 kids and their teachers from the school of Smardan, coordinated by Elena, organized for 1st June  different contests in support of ROLDA dogs and to raise awareness locally about the Romanian dogs problem.

The kids’ creativity impressed the local pastry Cuky’s – who is well known for supporting not only the youth talents but also animals and people in need.

70 small packages with sweets were offered by Cuky’s – the local sponsor while our friends Lolita and Muriel sent Swiss chocolate for everyone!

Among many beautiful drawings and paintings, one hand-made creation simply touched my heart.

A child thinks to raise public awareness about the Romanian street dogs. She paints the green grass. Then a dog shape. The simple but genial message is delivered naturally and beautifully, by words written on white flags, which catch your eyes instantly:

“Big dogs. Small dogs. Breed dogs. Too noisy. Too ugly. Too hairy. Too big. Too small.


Says the teenager Rebeca from Smardan school, Galati – Romania


The kids creation in any forms or shapes must be encouraged, regardless the costs. These kids represent the future, they are our community’ hope! Pure and genial messages like the above one worth more then its weight in gold.

Stuck on a mountain of indifference and ignorance, a child mind works atypically but probably the most effectively to send a pure, non violent message further.

Because of these kids’ hard work, because of their teachers’ care and compassion for the dogs, messages like the one delivered by Rebeca  can reach and influence the communities, locally and internationally.