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Save Romanian Strays

Save Romanian Strays

The day by day life of the Romanian dogs is a long line of tragedies. Dogs are starving, getting sick and dying because lack of veterinary help. Many dogs are abused by people or get killed by trucks, or caught by dog catchers, end up eating each others in the local pounds, or are being poisoned.

Everyone knows that the abandon is the main source for street dogs overpopulation and it’s very common in Romania. Dogs are disposed like garbage on a field, aside a trash bin, or near a busy road.

Every year, ROLDA saves hundreds of dogs from death thanks to our supporters’ trust and help. Our rescue team collect “the living trash” disposed on the streets by an indifferent, uneducated society and “recycle”  it with patience, passion, knowledge and hard work .

Did we failed? Of course – a few times but we were successful so many more times and this transform the occasional failures into “life experiences” we all learn from.

What “recycle living trash” means?

  • Catch
  • Test against distemper
  • Vaccinate, parasite control treatment and isolation
  • Sterilize
  • Recovery treatment
  • Shelter
  • Regular veterinary checks
  • Clean, quality food – daily
  • Evaluate behavior
  • Rehabilitate
  • Socialize
  • Take photos, film
  • Find an adopter
  • Check the adopter
  • Fill in papers and travel documents
  • Legalize papers
  • Prepare for traveling

Every of the above steps involve responsibility, passion, dedication.

By far, the hardest part is to help a dog heal his soul, fight his fears, learn to trust humans again.

Learn here about our non-kill mission in Romania.

Help us to continue our rescue mission in Romania!


Last year only,  1,000 dogs were offered a new, safer life.  Currently, our shelters are a temporary home for 700 dogs, all saved from streets, from an imminent death.

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