27 Mar

Save Romanian dogs

ROLDA saves street dogs in Romania, 24/7

Presently, 2.5 million stray dogs are estimated in Romania.

30,000-50,000 in Romania’s capital, Bucharest, an important number of street dogs is located in south-east, east and north of Romania, the poorest regions of the country  e.g. Galati with an estimated 18,000 strays.

Life can be cruel if you are a dog wandering on the streets. High traffic roads, connecting towns are full of dead dogs, instantly killed or who survived the accident but agonized, abandoned at the edge of the road.

If you are a dog imprisoned in a filthy pound, you would be less exposed to death – it is only a different death, because you could be eaten by other bigger, starving dogs with which you share a tiny crate. You would suffer because different diseases, or because of untreated, infected wounds – you will get no medical help and probably die slowly, painfully.

Being a dog chained for life, isn’t the ideal way of spending your life either. But this is how most of the “owned dogs” (the pets) live in the rural area of Romania and even in towns, where lack of education continues to make victims.

If you are a just-born puppy – you will start discover the new life, as it is: pampered, if you born in a loving family that treasures your presence or hungry, sick, dehydrated if you born unwanted. The homeless puppies’ survival rate is lower then the fox’s babies. Parvirosis is one of the most common death causes. Malnourished puppies are the first infected. Some of the surviving homeless puppies grow and transform into frightened adults that keep distance from humans’ habitats, acting like wild animals.

If you are a dog rescued by organizations like ROLDA, you are for sure a survivor. And thanks to our supporters, from that moment on, you will stop survivingYou will start living.

These are some of the dogs recently saved by ROLDA team:

PUFULET – broken leg, broken ribs, wounds at the head and all over the body.

LACE – wired dog, the back leg had to be amputated

ARTEMIS – Eye problem, beaten

PAF – abandoned, abused, eye problem.

Few months later, Paf was adopted by Mikael in Switzerland.

NABI – First photo was made soon after being rescued.

Second photo made at Geneva airport. Read NABI full story

HOPE- Rescued under weighted and with skin problems.

Look at Hope only few months after!

My pledge has always been and always will be to invest whatever you are able to donate in the wisest, most cost-effective way possible. I say “invest” because that is exactly what your donation is: an investment in a better life for hundreds of saves animals. (Dana, ROLDA Founder)

Will you help us save more dogs lives?

The most generous contribution that you can make at this time, will help us to continue ROLDA’s important work to rescue, provide veterinary care, nutritious food, responsibly sheltering, adoptive homes and rehabilitation therapy when needed and LOVE to hundreds of new street dogs rescued from streets, from an imminent death from Romania!

180€ extra-nutrition for a severely malnourished dog ANGEL
120€ feed a dog for a year SAVIOR
50€ sponsor a whole kennel (5 dogs) CHAMPION
25€ a visit to the vet (sterilize, treat, periodic check) HERO
10€ feed a hungry dog for a month GUARDIAN
5€ rescue a dog PROTECTOR

Will you do more?

We can send you additional info about planned giving/ legacies. Please send us an email at rolda@rolda.org

A small gesture from your side can make a BIG difference for the dogs in our care or for many more others that we are about to help.

Take action – make a donation – visit us to volunteer – spread the word (share our  news stories) – adopt or sponsor a dog! – help us build a new shelter