19 Nov

Sanctuary for cats

Sanctuary for Saved Cats

cats at ROLDA

Across Romania not only the dogs but also the cats are subject to abandon, abuse, and suffering.

At the small shelter location, we have a few cats which we provide regular food and Mr. Cat a very sociable, smart male cat, a true friend of all the dogs living there. We created an improvised sheltering for the cats that visit our dogs shelter with feeding and water stations. But it is ROLDA belief that, together with our supporters, we can create a modern, decent sactuary for the cats in need of treatment, or old or crippled cats.

After much research, we chose the following shelter design that would be perfect for our new cattery!

Idea of cat shelter outdoor
This is how we’d like the outdoor area to look like. Inspired from a US shelter, it has plenty of green areas for activity and socialization.

Idea of cat shelter - indoor
This is how we’d like the outdoor (heated, ventilated) area to look like. Total costs estimation: 35,000 EUR