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Who Let the Dogs Out?!



First 10 running spaces will be built thanks to our Norwegian support. Each running space is not a simple enclosure. It consists of heavy metal structure, concrete barrier, a small door for dogs access cut in sandwich panels and a door for human access. The small door for dogs is done manually because it needs to be done professionally with precise execution to avoid snow or rain to get into the paddock, to cause dogs’ health problems.


Help us build 10 more running spaces for our dogs!

If you have a dog, you know how much they love the freedom to run, stretch, scratch at the dirt, and play with the other pups. Even if you are not a dog owner (unlucky you!) you cannot help but smile when you see a group of dogs running free. Their joy is infectious. Dogs are social animals who need attention, play and the company of others, just as they need food, water, and a home where they are safe from harm.

Sadly, in Romania, many street dogs run wild. Chasing rats for food, chasing each other over territory, or running away to avoid danger. The beatings of drunks, the traffic, and the dreaded government dog catchers. ROLDA is doing its best to rescue as many of these creatures as we can. Now we are able to save only a small fraction, but that still means that we currently have over 700 dogs in our care!

An animal “shelter” can be many things. Where there is adequate funding, and sufficient staff to care for the animals, a shelter can be a temporary home for animals awaiting adoption. A secure and healthy environment that does not offer the comforts of a real home and family, but at the minimum, a temporary safe haven. In Europe and North America, many shelters are like this.

If you have ever visited a shelter in Romania, Greece, or Bulgaria, you were greeted by a very different sight. What you probably saw was more like a canine concentration camp. Hardly anything that could be considered any kind of shelter. Usually filthy, always overcrowded, and a never ending hell for the dogs that they “house”.

Many visitors describe leaving such places emotionally scarred. Imagine that you are a dog living in such a place day after day. You would be far more traumatized than a human that ventures in on a day pass. Dog behavior changes (rarely for the best) during long stays in shelters, even modern US and European shelters, where millions of dollars have been invested in studies that have improved conditions. Dogs need permanent loving “human packs” where they know they are safe, protected, and loved.

ROLDA’s goal is to rehabilitate and re-home as many of our dogs as possible. But while they are in our care, we strive to provide them with the best possible care. Now, we have space, but we need to adapt that space into dog runs. Our dogs deserve better than we have now. With your help, we can make them happier, healthier, and more likely to find their “furrever” homes!

ROLDA doesn’t get the big bucks for the state of the art shelters that exist in some areas. But we do our best for all the animals in our care. In fact, one of our facilities was nominated the best shelter in Eastern Europe in 2004, and the best one in all of Romania in 2010 and 2013! It is proof that when we are given the financial means, we have the experience and know how to provide for our dogs.

So What’s the Plan?

At our large shelter, each kennel is about 18 square meters, and can house a maximum of five adult dogs.  Each unit has an insulated, indoor fireproofed area for shelter in bad weather and also an outdoor area where the dogs can wander around, or lie down in the sun.

It is a far better fate than a life on the mean streets of Galati. But it’s not enough. We know we can do better. To improve the dogs’ well-being while in our care, we plan to build individual running spaces for every kennel.  The dogs will be able to pass from the kennel’s indoor area directly out into an open, expansive exercise area using a dog door. The door will be able to be closed manually when necessary,  for example during a snow storm. But it will otherwise remain open, allowing our dogs far greater freedom and happiness.

Not long ago, we had neither the land, nor the money to start this project.  Thanks to our US and Norwegian donors, this project has come to life!  At the end of 2013, we bought the strip of land beside the shelter where the running spaces will be built. Now we just need some help to get the actual construction done.

One of our supporters, Berit, donated the cost of our first running space at Christmas. It was the best present ever!  But many more runs need funding before they can be built….and that is where you come in!

Each running space costs 600 euros (US$700 approximately). If you cannot cover the cost of one run, you could co-sponsor one for 300 euros (US$350) instead.  Up to 5 large adult dogs or even more smaller dogs will use each running space. Every penny, pound or euro will help. No donation is too small, and every one of our supporters makes a difference in our dogs lives. We, and the dogs, thank you!

Why Help?

Because you will have a wonderful, warm and fuzzy happy feeling for days, we promise! Knowing that you made a difference in the lives of dogs who suffered abuse and abandonment on the streets is priceless. As they say, nobody ever became poor by giving. And the gift of happiness is in your power to give!

Get on board now! The more, the merrier…the faster we get funding, the sooner the dogs will play.

Let’s get the dogs out!

Donate 600 EUR for a full running space , 300 EUR (to co-sponsor) or any amount to achieve this important project which will set our dogs free during day light and will make them happy.

Can we count on you?  Together, we will immediately improve the life of 700 dogs and countless others from the streets,  that right in this moment are waiting to be saved,  having no other hope!

1) Make an online gift by PayPal

600€ Sponsor a running space
300€ Co-sponsor a running space
50€ Add your name on PawzUp Wall

2)Or make a donation by card


Note: For each donation of 50 EUR, your name or the name of your choice will be displayed on a heart combining the ROLDA logo with a dog’s paw on our PawzUp Wall!

A printed copy of your personalized PawzUp heart can be sent to you by email or post. This is an ideal way to memorialize a beloved pet!


You will DONATE to this project if:

  • You see how happy your own dog is after running in the park,  and understand how your donation will make other dogs feel,  who have no one else to care for them besides us;
  • You understand the importance of this project for hundreds and hundreds of abandoned dogs who finally have a chance for a better life;
  • You have seen photos of dogs crowded in tiny, filthy rooms in shelters across southeastern Europe––and in contrast to that,have seen the clean,  modern ROLDA kennels,  built in respect for our dogs.
  • Sponsors will be acknowledged by name.  If a single donor chooses to sponsor an entire running space, this space will be named as the donor chooses — for example, in memory of a lost dog.  Our thanks are sincere, but the real reward for you (and us) will be the happy faces, the smiles,  and the forest of wagging tails as a result of this campaign!

The most common behavior issues observed among shelter dogs are the problems created by the kennel discomfort, including noise and crowding.

Another common problem of abandoned dogs is the separation anxiety.  The dog fears that the adopter will abandon him again,if the adopter is late arriving home,  or sometimes even if the dog is left alone for a short while.  This anxiety often results in destructive behavior.

Some dogs, especially those who spend more time alone,  on the streets,  become over-possessive with food or personal belongings.

You can hardly find a “perfect dog” to adopt from a shelter, because shelter dogs have almost always suffered some sort of trauma.  A dog is influenced by past human mistakes.

But a dog’s first choice will always be to run behind you, sniffing and get dirty day after day for a lifetime,  instead of getting as a gift a golden bowl,  or a collar with Swarovski crystals,  or a Louis Vuitton carrier.

Our busy lives often limit to minimum the quality time we can spend with our dogs.Yet studies show clearly the mental and physical benefits of having a dog.

Adopting the right dog can even help a person to lose weight, in a natural,pleasant, healthy way.

Visit your local shelter and adopt a dog who waits, day and night,for someone to stop and point to him as the lucky winner of a real life!

Or take a look below and maybe you can find a friend for life to adopt among the 700 dogs from our shelters.

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