29 Mar

Romanian Team

Meet ROLDA Romanian team!

Can you imagine a sanctuary for dogs without caretakers? Of course not!

Even in our technological age, nothing has been, or likely will be, invented to replace the competent, personal care of a highly trained staff.

Beside the volunteers that contribute an enormous amount of time to make our charity stronger, ROLDA has a small number of dedicated staff which mainly do the cleaning, disinfection and maintenance work (paint, repair) at shelter, feed and water as often as necessary the dogs, drive to and from shelter, veterinary clinic, airport.

Our work wouldn’t be the same without these people’ great contribution. Their wages are paid from ROLDA annual income, which is the result of all the donations and sponsorship received.

On average, every year 2- max8% of the total income is spent by our charity on indirect costs and the rest of 92-98% is going to direct dogs costs.

Most of our employees live at the countryside and their life is full of worries and problems.When you become one of our employees’ sponsors, you help us redirect more of our income to the dogs direct needs and also help rural people get a decent salary for a very well job done.

Please contact us if you want to donate clothing and protection equipment for our employees or send gifts to their family members.

Rescue and Care Team

Marian – married, 2 lovely small kids.
Clothing EU size – 40
Footwear EU size – 41

Denis –  adoptive dad of many rescued street dogs
Clothing EU size – 46
Footwear EU size – 42

Delu – married, 2 big kids
Clothing EU size – 56
Footwear EU size – 43

Vasile – married, 2 small kids
Clothing EU size – 46
Footwear EU size – 42

Flori – two kids: one adult , one small
Clothing EU size – L/XL
Footwear EU size – 39/40

Costica – married
Clothing EU size – 46
Footwear EU size – 42

Medical Team

DVM Cornel Gingarasu– Veterinary collaborator, VETI MED clinic since 2003.

DVM Andrei and technician Nicu
DVM Andrei – Veterinary collaborator ANDREI VET MED clinic since 2011.