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ROLDA Sweden

Association ROLDA Sverige

ROLDA Sverige is a nonprofit, non-political and non-religious association.
ROLDA Sverige actively works to help street dogs from Romania, the most affected dogs from any other country across south-east of Europe. The association was founded on 23 September 2014, reg. no. 802490-7050

The association website is www.rolda. se

The board

Lisa with dog
Photo: Lisa visit Summer 2016

Ann-Louise – President
Ellinor – Board Member
Göran – Board Member
Contact: info@rolda.se

Active Volunteer


2016 Activity

end of October – ROLDA Sverige board changed.
October – Lisa and Ellinor organized charitable sale (loppis) at Örebro Golfhall.
end of September – Lisa visited shelters in Romania and returned with adopted dogs in Sweden.
September – group meeting with adopters of ROLDA dogs, but also Bosnian and Spanish dogs.
Summer – walk for dogs
June – Lisa visited shelters in Romania and returned with 3 dogs adopted in Sweden and one in Finland.
April – Lisa visited shelters in Romania and returned home with 4 adopted dogs.
April – “Loppis” second hand objects sale
February – “Loppis” second hand objects sale
January – Sandra and her boyfriend visited shelters in Romania and returned in Sweden with 4 adopted dogs.

2015 Activity

December — Lisa and her family friends adopted 2 dogs just before Christmas – what better gift a dog would dream for?
November — Sandra and Lisa return to Romania to pick up adopted dogs for Sweden;
– Online Lottery in favor of ROLDA dogs.
October — Sandra and Lisa visited our shelters; two dogs Motor and Arthur have been adopted in Sweden.
February — Jan, Elsa, Elvira and Tonie – young filming crew from Sweden visited our shelters.


Read here Sandra testimonial

Donations received


6850 SEK vaccines
11400 SEK dogs adoption fee, donations for winter costs
7405 SEK straws for dogs
10375 SEK vaccines


1800 RON
1650 EUR
82272 SEK

Purpose: winter costs (straws, rent snow removal machines etc), shelter related costs, Christmas Food Raiser, adoption fees, sponsor dogs fees, funds for one kennel’ running space ,emergency medical costs.

9750 SEK
3100 RON
170 EUR

Purposes: straws, vet equipment, sponsored dogs, small shelter repairs.

Note: The donations transferred to Romanian account ARE INCLUDED in the Financial Report made public by ROLDA Romania in each July for the previous year.

Where to donate

Bank account no.: 573-0502
Swish number (mobile payment): 123 412 6348

Become a member for an annual fee of 250 SEK/person or 300 SEK/family!

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How Swedish people can adopt a dog from our shelters?

Please follow these simple steps to adopt:

1. Take a look at this website where our dogs ready for adoption are listed. Please note at the bottom of each dog profile ‘page there is a set of colorful icons describing the best possibly the dog personality.

2. Write us an email at info@rolda.se. Don’t forget to include your chosen dog name and the questions you have about the dog’ character.

3. Complete and sign adoption papers.

4. Transport options: A) By airplane, with a Swedish volunteer, when a total of 2-3 dogs are ready to be transported; or B)Individual cargo delivery; or C) Fly personally to Romania to pick up your dog (in this case skip #4).

5. Pay the difference of the total adoption fee, before the transport takes place, as follows:

4500 SEK – Adult dog
2500 SEK – 8 years old (or older) senior dogs, handicapped dogs,  juniors

7. We strongly advise you to request for your dog a SNAP 4Dx Plus Test (by IDEXX) Screen for six vector-borne diseases: Heartworm, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia ewingii, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma platys. The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test costs 200 SEK/dog and can be paid by PayPal at roldadogs@gmail.com (please mention “snap test” and the name of your dog when you send money by PayPal)

Note: If you sponsor a dog and choose to adopt him, the amount sponsored will be deducted from the travel costs.

What the adoption fee includes?

    • Sterilization;
    • Vaccination against rabies and against Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza type 2, against two types Leptospirosis (Leptospira canicola and Leptospira icterohaemorraghiae) Name of the vaccine: Merial/ Eurican DHPPI2-LR
    • Blood test (EDTA*) against Leptospirosis;
    • Blood test (EDTA*) against Heartworm and Babesia;
    • 3 tests to determine the presence of internal parasites (or eggs) in dog’ fecal – test done at Veterinary Direction Galati – Laboratory approved and accredited by RENAR
    • Advantix spot-on against fleas and ticks;
    • Deworming against tapeworms and other internal worms;
    • Pre-printed passport if the dog was micro chipped after 15 March 2014 + new microchip that starts with 642;
    • Flight cost.

Note: EDTA* samples are controlled by the Laboratory from Veterinary Direction in Braila.

We can also offer for additional costs :

  • Vaccine against kennel cough;
  • Fast test (IDEXX) against Leishmaniosis
  • Fast test (IDEXX) against Giardia

Meet our best dogs

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