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ROLDA Nederland

Who we are?

ROLDA Nederland logoROLDA Nederland is part of Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling (ANBI) since 2013.

Starting 2016, the Belgium-Australian activist Stephan Devos decided to join our team as a volunteer and put the basis of ROLDA Benelux.

Why us?

Why Romania?
Romania has one of the most dramatic situations in Europe regarding stray dogs and animal abuse.
ROLDA is the only charity founded by a Romanian who strategically expanded abroad, creating numerous branches in countries like USA, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland etc

How can I be sure that my donation reaches the animals in need in Romania?
ROLDA Nederland wires money in Romania for the current activities, based on a plan agreed at the beginning of each year. The revenue and expenditure in both countries are carefully recorded.

Areas of focus:
Fundraising (Benelux)
Sheltering, medical care, sterilizations (Romania)
Adoptions (including international adoptions in Benelux)

Contact person

Stephan, volunteer from BelgiumStephan Devos (international animal activist, former editor of Wildlife Rescue Magazine in Australia and volunteer at various organizations in Europe and Australia, senior consultant animal therapist) is the primarily contact for ROLDA Benelux





Celebrity support:  Milou Mazali, Opera singer who adopted dog Junior.

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Dave – web admin


Targets 2016

  • Establish a solid group of supporters;
  • Recruit new  donors, corporate partners;
  • Increase the adoptions.

Whom to contact?

Contact us at info@rolda.nl to:

  • Become a corporate partner
  • Make a financial donation (tax-deductible for Dutch supporters see more)
  • Donate useful supplies for dogs, shelter or equipment for the staff (see where to bring your donation and what is our wishlist)


Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes. Donations made by Dutch individuals or corporations can be deductible as ROLDA is part of ANBI system.


How to adopt a dog from ROLDA Shelter?

Please follow these easy steps to adopt a dog from us!

1. Among the dogs listed here, make your choice. Please note that at the end of each dog profile, there are small colorful icons that describe the dog’ behavior as we noticed it.

2. Contact the Romanian team at rolda@care2.com with the chosen dog name, questions you might have about dog’ character.

3. We’ll send you the adoption papers that need to be signed and sent back. Be prepared for a home check.

4. Pay the adoption fee of 100 EUR (which doesn’t include the transport fee, please see below)

5. Register yourself in TRACES system, send us your approval number.

6. Dog will travel  A)by airplane (a flight is scheduled when we have a volunteer to fly 2-3 dogs home) or B) by car  (departure and arrival dates will be sent to you by email as well as the meeting point) or C) you can fly to Romania to pick up your dog (in this case skip #5). The cost of transport is approx. 200 EUR.

7. We strongly advise you to request for your dog a SNAP 4Dx Plus Test (by IDEXX) Screen for six vector-borne diseases: Heartworm, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia canis and Ehrlichia ewingii, Anaplasma phagocytophilum and Anaplasma platys. The SNAP 4Dx Plus Test costs 20 EUR and can be paid by PayPal at roldadogs@gmail.com (please mention “snap test” and the name of your dog when you send money by PayPal)

How can I volunteer?

You can volunteer from your home – virtual volunteer or you can travel to Romania and meet our friendly staff and wonderful dogs.

How to help from your home?

If you prefer to volunteer from your home, these are some ideas about how you can effectively help us:

  • Become a supplies’ collector;
  • Drive the supplies to the transporter location;
  • Host our adopted dogs at the airport;
  • Flight attend our adopted dogs from Romania to Holland
  • Organize informative booths with ROLDA literature in public places like markets, dog shows, etc or in pet shops, supermarket spaces;
  • Organize a fundraising event (car wash, sell cookies, sponsored run or other sport activity, bingo with friends, raffle tickets) Do not forget to find sponsor/s who want to help with your actions;
  • Collect used clothing, cartridges or mobile phones for our dogs;


Other ways to help:

Save a life now! Sponsor a dog

Planning the future: Leave a legacy read more

Help a dog reach his new home:  Donate specifically for a dog ticket to Flight for Freedom (75 EUR)



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