28 Feb

ROLDA Australia

Who is ROLDA Australia


Incorporated charity since 1st December 2014: ABN 38420396060
Download Registration Certificate ROLDA-ACNC
Public Officer — Sarah — NSW area
Email: roldaaustralia@gmail.com

Australian Bank Account
Account Number 468666123
BSB 112-879
St George Bank
William St, Raymond Terrace NSW 2324

Goods and Services Tax (GST): Not yet entitled to receive tax deductible gifts. Application revision pending.

Funds transferred in Romania 2017

February: 10000 (partial loan transfer)

Financial Report: click to download 2015 Financial Report

Financial Year 2015/2016
Total Revenues $34035.13
Total Expenses $31721.01
Total Liabilities $29314.57


Our primarily goals are:

  • to find a reliable team to put solid basis of the newly founded charity,
  • to identify opportunities to raise awareness about Romanian animals plight,
  • to start media and fundraising campaigns to help animals in Romania but also
  • to focus on animal related issues in Australia;
  • to identify sponsors and corporate partners;
  • to attend Australian-based conferences using local volunteers.


  1. Identified basic team: public officer and professional bookkeeper (external service)
  2. Increasing donors database
  3. Start using direct mail service
  4. Tick Charity logo :this tick gives assurance to the public that charities such ours are transparent and accountable, of course also registered in ACNC database


Big thanks

Kylie for bookkeeping services
Liz and Lauraine from Jamm
Ingrid and PETA
Buzz and his lovely dog Bracken who became our first celebrity supporter in Australia!
Sarah and Liz for donating the 1st prize raffle
Grahame for donating prize for raffle


Grahame at ROLDA Australia stand

First raffle event ended on 18 December when the winner was announced: Niki Jones!
Congratulations, Niki! Big thanks to all the sponsors and participants! Big thanks to Booral community!
Thank you Sarah for making this a successful event!