24 Jan

Rescued dog – Lori

Help us pay Lori’s vet bill

Homeless dogs of Romania are exposed not only to hunger, illnesses, the danger of being hit by a car (and remain crippled for life or instantly killed) but also to fights among different packs from which result wounds that untreated, get infected and lead to dog’ body weakness and death.

Lori is one of the dogs beaten by others. The result of the fight you can see in this photo (attention: emotional graphics content!)

Lori immediately after being saved

Lack of a rescue van, we make bigger efforts now to transport dogs like Lori to the veterinary for emergency treatment.

But we can’t turn blind to any dog’ sufferance!

After 4 days of treatment, Lori skin looks improved.

Lori, 4 days after treatment

The critical period passed and Lori is out of danger. The veterinary bill is close to 600 EUR presently.

To help Lori’s recovery, please make a small (or bigger) gift using the PayPal button: