29 Mar

Rescue Center Strategy

This is the large shelter ‘strategy for the coming years

NOTE: B plot is the current location of the Rescue Center.

Read the legend at the bottom of the plan.  Structures named W (workers area), IS (isolation unit for dogs), ST (storage), AD(the adoption room) as well as building the running spaces are all projects. Everything else is already there, funded by our sponsors’ generosity.

C plot with all the buildings designed are projects which include the horses shelter and the new indoor facility for cats and dogs.  It is an ambitious, expensive project that can become reality with your help. Once finished, it will serve approx. 20,000 dogs, plus abandoned cats, horses and donkeys in need for the 5th largest city of Romania.

The main target remains to save as many dogs possible from death.

Rescue Center is  a non-kill facility located outside the city of Galati and presently welcomes about 700 dogs, all rescued from streets, from an imminent death. The project was started in 2007.

Current phase

This is how the staff’ area looks like now.

Workers rest area

It needs major repairs for people’ safety and in respect for these people’ hard work, in extreme conditions. From time to time, we have to invest into people’ good working conditions because this is reflecting indirectly in the dogs’ daily care. But we couldn’t forget that the dogs need some things too…

We aim to invest 5,500 EUR to purchase a group of module containers grouped for:

  • Staff area
  • Dogs isolation unit and storage(upstairs)
  • Food safe storage (protection against rats)

Build with us a safe future for abused dogs, cats, horses and donkeys!

Your help is a real investment to solve a very serious, emotional, painful problem which spreads around the entire Romanian community: the street dogs.

In the past 25 years, no Government couldn’t (or didn’t want to) solve this social problem. There are many excuses as well as many real obstacles. ArcelorMittal is our principal sponsor, our local corporate partner since 2007. Because of ArcelorMittal and numerous individual sponsors, we are happy to report that we:

  • Build the social clinic – 2011
  • Purchased additional plot – 2013
  • Fenced the new plot – 2014
  • Connected the clinic to water – 2014
  • Connected the large shelter to electric network – 2014
  • Create natural wind barrier – 2014/2015
  • Build the PawzUp wall – 2014/2015
  • Build the Real Life Room for dogs -2015
  • Move the interior access road -2015
  • Renovate one paddock -2015
  • New rescue van – 2015
  • Furniture for veterinary clinic (partially) -2015
  • Build the first 10 running spaces -2015
  • Purchase a new plot (right side) -2015

PawzUp wall is created to protect the clinic during the rainy season and also to use it to display the names of our great supporters.

PawzUp wall

Nothing can stop us dreaming. Following our dreams, look how far we were able to go…

However, there are additional costs incurred and investments for which we have to rely solely on our supporters’ generosity and understanding.

Short -term strategy

The Rescue center position is excellent for expanding. The surroundings are empty (former agriculture properties) green and quiet. The new plot purchased(2ha) will be ideal spot for the new  shelter for rescued cats, dogs, donkeys and horses (and other animals saved from abuses and hunger) – see details at the bottom of the page. Next actions are required:

  • Fence the right side plot with wood fencing
  • Build 50 running spaces on the right


The running spaces are designed as separated outdoor compounds for each kennel to avoid dog fights, possible injures.  Each paddock will have 10 individual running spaces.

  • Build a storage room 10m x 9m for tools

Storage room

We are known for being extremely careful with every penny received and spent. This is why we’d like to build the storage house where to protect all the equipment, tool boxes that we purchased because to our donors. The storage house will be a good place to keep an emergency stock of food away from rats, as well as  blankets and towels.

  • Repair 30 of the 120 kennels

Inside kennels that need repair

Bigger gifts are welcome!

600€ Build a whole running space
500€ Renovate a kennel
300€ Co-sponsor for a running space

Medium term strategy

  • Clean the old paddocks’ ruins
  • On the cleaned spot, create a large parking for visitors

adoption room

  • Build an indoor new shelter for 200 dogs, 100 cats, donkeys and horses plus outdoor spaces for them.
  • Add geothermal heating, solar panels as alternative energy to all buildings and spaces
  • Plant additional plants and trees on the remained land to create a dog park
  • Roads rehabilitation (paths created for dogs walking, car access, etc)


Long term strategy

  • Buy the left sided plot (4ha)
  • Create 60 running spaces on the left


But not only the dogs need to be helped! Join us in this life saving mission!

Example of cat-dream shelter


Idea of cat shelter - indoor

Idea of cat shelter outdoor
Example of dream-dog adoption unit

Idea of dog adoption unit - project
Dream new shelter for 200 dogs and 100 cats

Dream new shelter
New shelter plan

New shelter plan