29 Mar

Why Rescue Center exists?

Why the large shelter exists?

When we started the collaboration with the steel plant and committed to work together to solve their massive strays’ problem – we knew it’s a huge undertaking. A lot of work, too. But work doesn’t scare us. It’s the complexity of the project and the many factors that can influence the quality of the dogs’ lives from inside the shelter. It’s the risk to be at the edge of transforming a good project (a modern shelter, with functional design) into a pound. These thoughts scared more.

The entire construction can be seen on a long stripe of land, positioned to provide a good drainage. To the left, there is an empty stripe of land which belongs to a private owner. The whole plot (located at the exit of the town) was used for agriculture during the communism, but abandoned immediately after. The right plot was purchased end of 2013.

Starting not long ago, the expansion of nearby village’ houses put in danger our activity in the future. As soon as people will obtain authorization to build houses closer, our shelter authorization will be at risk. Closer neighbors will complain about the noise created by hundreds of dogs barking. We will be forced to move the dogs to a new location which means that this one million investment is at risk to be lost.

Adding that there are not many real investments in dogs’ welfare or into solving the community problems in Romania, this will be catastrophic. Unless we’ll prevent it to happen!

The left plot costs 70,000 EUR and will enable us to build the running spaces for the left-sided paddocks as well as a dogs park, the first of its kind for Romania for social activities.

But what is the alternative for a street dog if not rescued into a shelter?

Life on the streets is full of dangers: many dogs die or remain crippled for life, hit by cars. Street dogs can be caught by dog catchers and end up in filthy public shelters, where they die of hunger, diseases, eaten by other dogs, beaten by people, poisoned. If people from Romania or abroad wish to adopt a dog, we strongly recommend private shelter dogs, where they can be tested against diseases, vaccinated, sterilized, also their behavior can be observed and evaluated for the new potential home.

On the streets, dogs easily get injured and killed by untreated infections after a long time suffering. The risk of transmissible diseases is also extremely high for the dogs wandering in search of food, hunting to eat dead corps to survive, exposed to parasites like internal worms or fleas and ticks, due to lack of preventive treatment and lack of vaccination.

If not placed in a shelter, where the steel plant ‘dogs would be now?

When I first visited the steel plant, there were thousands of dogs roaming around, living in packs, sometimes showing aggressive signs to some employees or to the company clients.

These (often wild) packs of dogs are seen as a major concern for any responsible company, a serious threat for people health and safety.

It was only natural and very generous from the steel plant leaders to invest into building a refuge for these dogs, to protect the people, the steel materials (often affected by dogs urine) and not at last, to protect the dogs from starving, from possible abuses, from getting injured or from multiplying uncontrolled.

The large shelter was built primarily to house stray dogs found at the AMG steel mill, is constantly challenged by the arrival of new dogs from the city of Galati, from surrounding villages, or from the neighboring city of Braila.

Help this project grow healthy!

Bigger gifts are welcome!

1200€ Build a whole running space
600€ Co-sponsor for a running space
500€ Renovate a kennel