22 Jun

Repositioning dogs

Puppy needs help
With your help, ROLDA can continue to rescue and reposition homeless dogs into loving homes across Europe.

So how can you help?
Repositioning dogs is difficult without the support of caring people who can see the pain and suffering these dogs are going through every day.
I understand homeless dogs suffer every day.

There are currently 700 rescued dogs at our ROLDA shelters and 20,000 homeless dogs near our shelters that we are desperately trying to reposition into loving homes.
We are desperate because when our shelters are at capacity (700 dogs) and none get adopted, there are 20,000 homeless dogs that are suffering from starvation, disease, neglect, abuse, torture, persecution, and a lonely death … that we cannot help.

But if you can adopt one of our dogs, our ROLDA teams can jump on their van and go out and rescue another homeless dog and bring it to our shelters, where they’ll be safe until they are adopted.

Where can I get information about adopting a ROLDA dog?

But what if I can’t adopt a ROLDA dog, can I still help those 20,000 homeless dogs be repositioned into a loving home?
Of course! We understand sometimes adoption is not an option, but you can still become a sponsor for one (or more) of our dogs; make a donation; send supplies; or become a volunteer.

If you live in Sweden, please use these bank number 573-0502 to make your donation today! (Association ROLDA Sverige registration no. 802490-7050) Contact Lisa and Sandra at info@roldasverige.se!

Any support is helpful and appreciated, but just remember that the only way we can go out to the streets of Romania and bring more homeless dogs to our shelters is when you adopt a ROLDA dog.

ALL these dogs deserve to be loved and cared for by a loving family, and we won’t rest until we’ve repositioned every dog from the streets. But we need your help today!

Sandra - October 2014“At the shelter I was greeted with a lot of wagging tails and kisses. ROLDA dogs are truly happy dogs and you can see that they are well taken care of because otherwise they wouldn’t be so happy and search for attention. But with that said we need to remember that a life in a kennel is not a life for a dog and we need to work harder to get these lovely dogs to their forever home.”

Sandra — ROLDA Sweden

Tell family and friends to visit sponsoradog.ro to learn how they can adopt or sponsor a dog. More people equals more dogs saved!