03 Jun

Repair dog paddocks

Dog Paddocks Need Repairs Now!

Stray dog

I was never confined to a home or backyard. I never had to beg my owners to take me for walks. No, I was free to go where I wanted. If I wanted to run across a field or take a stroll in the city, I could. Romania was mine to explore. But I never did … because I never could.

I was always too busy looking for meals and fresh water. I was always sick and suffered many injuries that forced me to rest and starve for days. I was always running away from humans because all they wanted to do was hurt me. I don’t know why, they just did.

One day, a couple of men beat me and left me to die, but luckily I was rescued and brought to ROLDA.

Here I enjoy tasty food, restful sleep, medical care, and lots of playtime with my friends. Every day we gather outside the paddocks and spend hours having fun together. It’s our favorite time of the day. When I lived on the streets, I never had time to play, so I am very grateful for the opportunity.

But now I am told that we may not have safe place anymore because our paddocks might be shut down!
But I am also told that you can help us keep them open!
Is that true?

Take a look to Panic over our paddocks article! Every 1 EUR or more helps!