29 Mar

Renovate the cottage

Renovation Work for Animals Wellbeing

We simply have to do it for the wellbeing of animals that we make efforts to save and for the wellbeing of the people involved in this rescue activity!

Why? Because a good life starts with a healthy spirit and a clean working/resting environment!

For dogs needs…

The new building plan includes a heated room for recovery for dogs resting after the surgery (e.g. sterilization) or dogs in treatment. Another heated space will be the quarantine area – for new coming dogs that are often full of ticks and fleas, or rescued with skin problems, or very skinny and frightened. It’s mandatory for newly rescue dogs to be separated from the other healthy dogs to make sure they don’t carry contagious diseases to be spread inside the shelter/outdoor area.

A grooming area where dogs can have a bath or be brushed will be our employees ‘dream come true. Right now, they wash the dog outside in the summer time but it’s a frustrating activity with so many other dogs that distract the groomed dog’ attention. During cold season, the dog has a bath in the same area where the employees warm their meal or where they eat. The hair fly all over and it’s not a good hygiene.

For volunteers needs…

ROLDA Nederland team volunteers Liesbeth and Maxine in October 2013 worked hard alongside Denis to help clean our kennels and grooming and socialize the dogs.

The most difficult part of their stay started each night after dark, as our guest cottage has no central heating and the electric heater is not powerful enough.  Rain leaked through the damaged roof and ran down the wooden walls.  While Liesbeth and Maxine were able to cope with the situation, it is time for us, with our donors’ support,  to provide better comfort and safety for our volunteer guests!

Every year, we welcome many volunteers from all over the world, wonderful people who are happy to make long trips to help our rescued dogs.  The volunteers get free sleeping space at the shelter cottage and can either cook their own meals or receive full accommodation for 20 EUR per person per day.

The shelter cottage is 12 years old––not old for a house, but very old for what was meant to be only a temporary structure.  After serving people from Australia, the US and all parts of Europe and housing some of our dogs too,  it must be replaced.

The original heating system “died” few years ago.  Since then, we have had to refuse volunteers during the winter.

The plumbing system needs repair and the kitchen furniture needs to be replaced. There are more problems in the bathroom.  Because we lacked the money to fix immediately some of the things that broke or wore out, the cottage deteriorated faster.

The cottage is the place which welcomed many volunteers not long ago, but now it has to stay closed until it can be completely, properly renovated.The sooner we raise this amount, the sooner we will be able to welcome new volunteers again.

The total  cost of the project is estimated to 80,000 EUR.  Because it’s a high amount which will take long time to raise, we split the project in two and of course, priority has the dogs’ facilities:

– Demolish the old, temporary structure and clean the place (move the ruins and garbage)

– Build the foundation for the entire new structure (approx. 30% of the total costs)

– Connect it to electricity, plumbing

– Create the dogs’ recovery spaces with ventilation and heating

– Purchase the equipment and accessories, furniture for dogs and staff rooms.

-The last phase: the remained space will be equipped to be used by the volunteers.

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