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Recurring donations

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ROLDA monthly donors help rescued dogs with physical and emotional trauma get the necessary attention they need to recover.
Monthly donors provide the necessary funds for shelter, food, medical care, rehabilitation, and many other essentials.

Your monthly donation allows ROLDA to transform former stray dogs into adoptable pets that can be placed in good homes with a loving family.

You can choose how much you want to give per month. If you are undecided, here are some donation levels and the impact they have:


200 € extra-nutrition for a severely malnourished dog ANGEL
120 € feed a dog for a year SAVIOR
50 € sponsor a whole kennel (5 dogs) CHAMPION
25 € Sponsor Them All HERO
10 € feed a hungry dog for a month GUARDIAN
5 € rescue a dog PROTECTOR

Just 9,5€ a month or whatever you can afford to save a life!

Is ROLDA a reputable charity?

In 2016, ROLDA celebrated 10 years since it became incorporated charity in USA and Romania countries. During this time, we focused to rescue and provide top care to hundreds of dogs every year.

  • ROLDA’ small sanctuary  is the first modern, insulated shelter from Romania ever built and it has been nominated as the Best Dog Shelter in Romania 3 times.
  • Received an Award of Excellency in 2013 from Zonta Club Romania.
  • Received an Endorsement Letter from ArcelorMittal, international corporation we collaborate with from summer 2007 until February 2016.
  • The Board of Trustees is formed by an international team, with members from Romania, Switzerland and Norway.
  • ROLDA’s international branches are incorporated charities in USA, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, UK and Australia.
  • ROLDA is Platinum member on Guidestar.




What is ROLDA Mission?

Learn about ROLDA’s policies, goals, and beliefs.

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Monthly donors Hall of Fame

Adele KR, Alessandro Z, Andrea S, Angel R., Arlene MK, Audrey K, Beth R, Brenda C, Camille B, Christine B, Daniela D, Elizabeth I, Emma G, Eveline and Ludovic B, Fiona MD, Fiona T, Genny S, Georgina W, Heidi W, Indera W, Inge J, Isabel F, Janice BB, Jeannette B, Karen AT, Kate MW, Kristen B, Lajla V, Linda M, Lisa S, Lyudmila M, Maria O, Maria Grazia S, Mary FE, Merethe R, Nadine A, Naomi S, Natasha M, Nicole RM, Patrick B, Paula G, Rebecca M, Remy B, Sabine G, Sally C, Sarah W, Save Y, Shelby H, Shelley P, Stephen P, Susan D, Tamara RH, Tara G, Teresa N, Tone J, Tomas P, Victoria B, Yvonne A