25 Jun

Real life room

Real Life Rooms Make Adoptions Remarkable!

Real life room for dogs adoption

It’s a rescued Romanian dog’s life. To them it must seem like heaven compared to life on the streets. But crowded shelters with limited space and noisy are not the ideal conditions in which to rehabilitate and re-home ROLDA’s dogs. We are in the process of renovating our current facilities and have purchased the land for the construction on a new third shelter.

But improvements take money, and they take time. One priority that we have set for ourselves is creating an oasis for our dogs, where they can show off how super special they truly are. A “real life” adoption room where families and individuals looking to adopt one of our beautiful beasts and our dogs can reunite.

The idea behind a real life room is pretty much as it sounds. We want to re-create an environment as close as possible to what one would expect in a calm, family home. A respite for our dogs, where they can meet prospective human companions in low stress conditions.

Size Doesn’t Always Matter

It does not have to be a huge room, but it must be a place of peace, quiet, and safety. It does not need fancy décor nor expensive furnishings. We will not be hanging any Picasso’s on the walls of our real life room. There will be no 18k gold faucets on our sinks….

What we will be doing is looking for individual and corporate sponsors for the project. It’s only 6% more to raise to complete this project!

Take 30 seconds to see how the “real life” room looks like!

We will be asking around for help for our four-legged friends. Donations of furnishings and fixtures would be wonderful. Our funds are limited and we’ll do what we can to stretch them to do more for ROLDA’s dogs.

Making Two Rooms Out of One?

No, it’s not a magic trick….when we have finished the real life room, we are going to make it work extra hard for us! It can also serve as an assessment room where we can determine the degree to which a dog has been rehabilitated. Imagine someone “testing” you or asking you to take an important exam in the middle of a riot. Could you really answer the questions, or even understand them?

This is what it is like for our dogs and the staff and volunteers who work with them. A dog cannot be expected to show his or her best side in a shelter environment. It is difficult for us to tell exactly how far along a dog has come. A dog needs to be calm and feel safe to let her true personality shine through.

Like humans, no two dogs are alike, physically or psychologically. What we all have in common is a need, and a right, to have a safe place. A place where we are allowed to let down our guard, relax, and express who we truly are.

The real life room will be the perfect place to get an accurate assessment of ROLDA’s many, many dogs. The better we understand them, the better we can match them with a new family, couple or single person. The faster we find homes for our current dogs, the faster we can rescue more from the misery of life on our streets.

Three Rooms Out of One?! Yup. It Gets Even Better…

We almost feel sorry for our planned “real life room”. It will never have a chance to sleep! ROLDA volunteers, staff and supporters will have to work so hard to raise the money to get it built. So the room will have to work hard to return the favor!

When a dog is recovering from surgery, or especially traumatic abuse, he needs a quiet place to sleep. Older dogs and puppies alike sometimes need to be isolated from the others at night. So even while we sleep, we can put our new real life room to use, allowing severely stressed out or recovering animals a quiet and safe place to sleep.

As we all know, rest is essential when it comes to recovery. For people, pets and even animals on the farm.

Be a Part of Something Awesome!

Dogs like Sir had a hard start in life. Some get frightened, some insecure which make the adoption process more difficult. But thanks to our supporters, working as a team, that’s about to change! 6% to go…

6% to go to complete mission….Help us!

Thank you big times!

Every Euro, Dollar or Pound Brings the Real Life Room Closer to Becoming Reality!