30 Nov

Project: New shelter

New shelter 3D

Why a new shelter is needed?

Sadly, there has been a near complete lack of response by Romanian authorities to dealing with the ever increasing number of homeless animals on our streets. The indifference of the Romanian authorities is not the only issue. Many of our people do not have access to proper education, or they may misunderstand the problems of pet overpopulation. ROLDA is actively involved in education, sterilization and other campaigns.
The only sustainable solution to animal abuse and abandonment is one which takes a holistic approach, and builds consensus amongst the people, the politicians and the bureaucrats of our country. Mass executions of unwanted pets is not an effective, humane or permanent solution to our problems. Neither is locking up animals in filthy cages, where hunger drives many desperate dogs to feed on on another. The dogs deserve better. With your help, ROLDA will do better for them.

Change takes time, but our street dogs don’t have time…

Every day thousands of dogs die slow, miserable deaths. Every day, thousands more puppies are born into a life that is hardly worth living. No creature deserves to spend every day starving, struggling for shelter, and avoiding being beaten or killed by drunks or hooligans. Heaven help the unfortunate animals that are confiscated by the authorities. They face an even more tragic end. Trapped in dirty, overcrowded cages, they are stressed to the breaking point. They snap, and to avoid starving, kill members of their own pack to survive.

More than just a shelter…a ROLDA Adoption Center!

It is the dream of all of us at ROLDA to say good bye to all of our dogs. Goodbye as they leave us for a “furever” home where they will be loved, safe, and hopefully a little spoiled! We have so many beautiful animals that would make fantastic four legged companions. For these creatures, we strive to provide more than shelter.

We want to see them safe. Adopted here in Romania, or abroad. To responsible, committed caregivers who understand that pet ownership is a privilege. Dogs are not disposable goods. They are not “things” that we can buy and then throw away when as we see fit. Dogs come to ROLDA having suffered incredible hardship, yet still they can forgive. They want so badly to find a human pack that they can be a part of and help protect.

The new shelter will be designed with this in mind. Sociable dogs that are ready for new homes will be housed separately from their companions who are still being rehabilitated, and learning to trust again. This will reduce the stress on all the dogs, and provide a proper environment where people can meet and greet the dogs they want to adopt.

This also frees up room in our other shelters for more dogs to be taken in off the street. Now, we are operating at full capacity. As we expand our shelters and efforts to rescue horses and cats, we will need more indoor facilities.
Sadly, after the trauma and violence of life on the streets, some of our dogs are so damaged (physically and psychologically) they are not adoptable. We hope someday to have a contained outdoor area with shelters available for feral and traumatized dogs.

We have many dreams, but need more dollars, Euros, pounds and so on!

One of a kind, yet one of millions….Pretty Pufulet!

There are countless homeless dogs in our country. Pufulet is one of the abused and abandoned millions, Yet to us, he is one of a kind. He came to us after being burned with acid and badly beaten. He had multiple fractures, and deep wounds all over his body and his head. Somehow, he has managed to pull through physically, and has built up trust with ROLDA staff. He now has human friends. It is probably a shock to him, just as it is to us.

We were not sure he would survive when we first found him. He surprised us with his will to live, and his willingness to forgive humans. He is one of the many rescued animals, the furry miracles, that keep us going. He keeps alive the idea, the certainty, that change will happen, for better or for worse. We humans have so much potential to do good, evil or to be indifferent. To turn our backs on the suffering of those less fortunate than ourselves.

Pufulet reminds each of us that we have the power to make the world a better place for all creatures, in all corners of our world.

Pufulet is not a big dog, nor is he a violent dog. He is friendly, means well, and represents no danger to people. He was viciously attacked without provocation, by sad and sick humans. He had no means to protect himself. No human pack to help him fight back. No rights, no and seemingly no future.

But ultimately, Pufulet turned out to be a very lucky dog indeed. Without ROLDA he would have died a slow death on the street, as a result of his injuries. Thanks to the support of our donors, Pufulet today has recovered. He waits patiently for his his adoptive family to find him.

We need ROLDA’s shelter up and running as soon as possible!

There is always intense competition for funding, always financial struggles for any charitable organization. For many of our workers, rescue work is a full time job, one that brings many emotional rewards, but none that are financial! Sometimes, it seems like our problems will never end. Some days, the challenges facing ROLDA and our volunteers and supporters seem insurmountable.

But looking into the eyes of one terrified dog still suffering on our Galati streets keeps us fighting for these forgotten souls. One photo of a ROLDA dog that was rescued and re-homed to a loving family reminds us that our work is worthwhile. Every life, be it a human, a dog, horse or cat has value. No creature deserves cruelty and abuse at the hands of an ignorant or spiteful human.

Of course, no charity has enough resources to build a huge shelter where we could save ALL of the street dogs suffering from hunger and abuses. Some day, one day, we imagine a Romania that has no need for shelters. Because every puppy or kitten born into this world will be wanted. Every companion animal cherished by their human family, their two legged “pack”, their leaders and their protectors.

One day will Galati be a London, Paris, or New York City?

Fifty years ago, walking the streets of a large European or North American city, the picture would be very different from the sights today. Every country has struggled with pet overpopulation problems. Many, like Romania, still do. Some countries are fortunate to have the resources, and the determination, to find a humane, long term solution. At ROLDA, we have the determination, but we lack the financial resources to protect even a fraction of the abandoned animals in our city of Galati.

So far ROLDA has built two shelters. With a minimal budget, and a small group of dedicated workers, we built the first small shelter. We continued our work, and gained the backing of a powerful local sponsor, ArcelorMittal. They recognized that ROLDA had the experience and the resolve to tackle the problems of dog overpopulation, and we are grateful for their support. We were able to build a second larger shelter.

They say “good things come in threes”, and we believe it! We are ready and eager to get our third shelter and adoption center underway. With your support, one by one, we will get homeless dogs off the street. We will get them sterilized so that the cycle of overpopulation is broken forever. Our education programs will help all Romanians, young and old, see our companion animals as living, breathing beings that feel fear, pain, joy and love just as we do.


Getting down to the details; Getting down to work!

We have taken a lot of time to consider the best possible shelter that we can build. In consultation with professional architects, builders and other contractors, we have put our ideas on paper. Here are some of the details of our newest and best shelter yet. We hope you will choose to be a part of it. Nothing great can be built alone. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, and neither will our shelter.
But it will be built. And every donation, no matter how large or small, will help us build this home for our friends on four legs even faster!

The area that we serve: Galati and surroundings

The new shelter will serve a community of 250,000 people, where there are approx. 20,000 dogs, cats and some horses and donkeys. Many of these animals are abandoned, not sterilized, and unwanted. Many of these people are low income families, seniors and students that want to keep their pets, but simply cannot afford the expenses, licenses and so on. ROLDA has support programs in place to help keep human/animal families together and safe!

Here is a preliminary drawing that lays out our new shelter and adoption center:

New shelter plan

As we mentioned, this shelter will serve as an adoption center for sociable dogs that are ready for adoption. We hope that their stay in our new shelter will be a short one! In such an environment, potential adoptive families and individuals will be able to see the dogs at their best. Unstressed, in a clean, quiet, safe environment.
As our dogs are adopted out, they will make room for the thousands of others waiting for their chance to be rescued and looked after. As these dogs are moved from our other shelters, more space is created, and more dogs are saved.

Dog lovers corner

MEOW! Cats in the dog house?

Not quite…..BUT for many years we have wanted to do something to help the millions of homeless kittens and cats in our Galati. The new shelter will also have indoor and outdoor spaces for rescued cats. Like Romania’s stray dogs, these animals deserve a decent life, and protection from abuse.
Attached to the new shelter main building, we also plan to build 2 rescue units for abandoned horses and donkeys. Animal abandonment is a serious issue in rural areas as well as in our cities. Our new shelter buildings will be built using recyclable, waterproof and fireproof materials. The whole building will have be environmentally friendly. This applies to the design, as well as the day to day functioning of the planned facilities.

The first phase

  • Buying the land
  • Fencing the property
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Lay the new shelter’s foundation
  • Build the walls and the basic structure of the new buildings
  • Put in the roofing

Rough estimation to complete the 1st phase: 250,000 EUR

Cat lovers corner

Horse lovers corner

The second phase:

    • Complete the interior of the new shelter;
    • Outfit the shelter’s outside area (glass, windows etc) for the cats and dogs areas;
    • Purchase the necessary furniture, equipment and indoor fixtures

Note: To reduce significantly the start-up but also operational costs, we’ll use the Rescue Center utilities (water, electricity).

Rough estimation 2nd phase: 50,000 EUR


We can’t do it alone….Join us!
Make a donation now. Be a part of building a beautiful thing!