12 Jul

Poor Romanian Pets

Helping poor people to keep their pets home

The Romanian authorities gave an ultimatum to all the Romanians who have a dog (or more) as pets to sterilize and microchip them, to register them in the national database or they will face serious penalties (a fine could go up to 1500 EUR while the average real salary for a Romania rarely goes over 250 EUR/month).

While this constrictive measure will have positive results in the long run, it will have catastrophic consequences for the coming months, when many poor Romanians will prefer to get rid of the “problem” and instead paying huge veterinary bills, the number of the abandons will increase dramatically.

To prevent that, ROLDA is committed to start a social campaign to help the poor families from the nearby village, covering the costs for sterilizing and micro chipping a dog that needs to keep his home safe!

It costs 26 EUR to sterilize microchip and register in the National database a dog.

Thanks to the first donations received,  we started the sterilization and micro chipping to help poor people from the village to keep their pets as requires the new law and in the same time, we help these dogs keep safe their homes and not end up homeless.

Click here to see the Sterilization and Microchipping Campaign organized in 2015 with the support of Swiss branch of ROLDA.

Spay/Neuter means a better life for pets and their families. But what if you don’t have access to this life saving procedure?

A senior couple from the village of Smardan, located in one of the poorest region of Romania asked our help to sterilize their pets: Bobi, a three years old male and Fetita, a two years old female.

Because she didn’t had access to be sterilized, Fetita gave birth to a series of puppies and all sadly died because of distemper, because the senior couple didn’t had the money to vaccinate them on time.

Like them, hundreds of other locals, with income at the edge of poverty, ask for our support.



Will you help Bobi and Fetita?

2.5 million strays are estimated in Romania and in Galati area, one of the poorest regions of the country, where ROLDA is located, the official number of strays is approx. 18,000. The main causes of strays overpopulation are the abandon and the stray females who give birth to unwanted puppies. To prevent the abandon, it’s our duty as a charity to help the poor community who show responsible care and willingness to keep their pets home.

Please join ROLDA’s Sterilization and Microchipping program and help dogs like Bobi and Fetita remain united with their caring family. Because no place is like home!