06 Dec

Planning 2015

Dear supporters of ROLDA,

Here we are, together, starting a fresh New Year. I will begin this first newsletter wishing you all health, prosperity and lots of happy moments shared with those who count the most in your lives.

I hope that, at the end of 2015, I will be able to report as accomplished all of the following projects listed below, which represent our current targets. I am proud and grateful because I continue to be lucky to have you aside our charity’ efforts to put an end toward the animals’ abuses in Romania.

As always, the first and most important target is saving more street dogs. I do not know if a street dog is happy inside a kennel – because for sure, every dog is the happiest in his own home, but what i know for sure is that I ‘ve seen so many dogs killed by cars, by poison or crippled for life, puppies or weaker dogs starving to death or dying because of an untreated infection. This is why  I believe that saving the dogs from street and placing them into a shelter as well as trying to find for most of them responsible adopters is the best me and my team knows to do.

In numbers, these are our targets for 2015:

  • Sterilize 1,300 dogs from which:
    500 dogs to be sterilized from steel plant *
    400 dogs to be sterilized in the village  (social assistance program)
    400 dogs to be sterilized and returned.
  • Provide medical care and sheltering for 1,200 dogs
  • Increase adoptions with 30%

(Note* The funds for sterilizing the dogs from the steel plant are secured. )

Each new dog that is brought in our shelter becomes our responsibility. It is not enough to offer a roof and a bowl of food to our dogs. They need help to start trusting people again. They need regular medical assistance.

You can help us toward the day by day shelter’ costs either by:

  • Sponsor a dog (you have to click on a dog’ photo to choose and then scroll the page and choose 1 of the 3 available sponsoring packages)


Besides food and medical care, dogs need good housing facilities. From small repairs to big renovation or expanding work, our shelters existence relies on your generosity!

At the small shelter, we have ambitious dreams. Take a look at this brand new, colorful plan which explains our strategy.

During 2015, we’d like to expand the small shelter: buying the nearby property (2,000 sq.m.) and building up a cat sanctuary with outdoor area – this is what we are aiming for.

At the large shelter, we already house approx. 700 dogs but this doesn’t stop us dreaming higher!

Not far from now, we’d like to have the opportunity to help others animals, too. Take a look at the new plan for the large shelter and imagine how many more souls could be helped if we transform this beautiful dream into reality!

There are many pieces of the plan’ puzzles that we must get financing for, but only for 2015, our targets are:

  • Building an adoption room to encourage local community to visit a clean shelter from where to adopt friendly, healthy dogs (opposite with local filthy pounds where people are afraid to go with their kids because they are emotionally affected or that they might get sick).
  • Buy additional land for horses sanctuary + wood fencing.
  • Build the first 10 running spaces for dogs’ daily exercises.
  • Replace the old containers with new ones (container for workers, container for food storage, to keep dog food safe from rats).
  • Complete the 2nd (and last) phase of the natural wind barrier (plant more trees)


In terms of other projects or fundraising events, we hope to welcome at our shelters kids from various schools, visits from officials from Romania and abroad, visits from media people and also some celebrities.

We aim to attend or to be represented at public events and conferences in Europe (e.g. Switzerland, Sweden and UK), Australia and USA.

For the present time, we will focus on getting stronger in the countries where we already are represented: USA, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Holland and UK …and maybe, in the years to come, we’ll set up new branches in other countries.

Our periodic newsletter will keep you all updated with what’s new going on, in this corner of the World where we choose to speak up for those who can’t.

It is said that this cynic World destroys the human’s feelings of compassion. I do not believe this theory, because I don’t want to believe that I dedicate my life to “a lost battle” . Each of us has at some point a complicated life, economical or family or health problems: this is how life is. I am fully aware that we all live in modern era and we barely have time for all the things that really matter. But this is why we are strong , because we keep on going and because we find a moment to stop and look around to notice others.  Sometimes weaker or defend less  – they need us to stand up for them!

Search deep into your heart for the emotions you felt seeing a soul breaking photo, reading a touching story, watching a powerful movie. These are the moments when we feel we are humane and it’s a really great feeling! These intense moments when we feel compassion, when we offer our support, when we cry and feel with our minds and hearts others’ drama, this is the true  measure of our humanity (or what’s left of it!) and to be honest, this is the hope that charities like our’ s have to change a bit of this sad World and make it better!

In 2015, don’t forget to have compassion for Romanian street dogs’ cause!

2,5 millions street dogs across Romania, 20,000 in my town and 700 in our shelters rely on your compassion and humanity to survive decently, to be loved and ..why not, the supreme dream – to have a home!

With hopes,

Dana and ROLDA Team