30 Apr

PawzUp Wall

What Is PawzUp Wall?

The PawzUp wall is a wall made from recycled concrete stones, created to honor the ROLDA supporters that financially or logistically contribute to the Building Fund, which finances building and renovation work.

By making a donation to the Building Fund, you help our dogs enjoy the comfort of a “home” until they are adopted. Donations to the Building Fund go directly to small repairs, major renovations, and building new facilities. The Building Fund provides responsible care for hundreds of animals saved from death.

For every 50 EUR donated, your name will be displayed on a heart made from metallic material and placed on our PawzUp Wall!
ROLDA’s PawzUp wall was donated by the BRAPOLCONS company and is located in front of our REX Social Veterinary Clinic.

Visit the Building Fund page to see a full list of payments (in RON, Romanian currency) made for each repair, renovation, and construction.
Learn more about the Building Fund and ROLDA projects that need funding!


For every 50 EUR donated, your name or the name of your choice will be displayed on a heart on our PawzUp Wall! A printed copy of your personalized PawzUp heart can be sent to you by email or post.
This is an ideal way to memorialize a beloved pet!

Meet Light – Our Two-Legged Miracle

light9She is Light, a former Romanian street dog. She was found in agony. Two of her legs were cut off and infected. Light is alive today because of the compassion of ROLDA supporters. Besides the good food and medical assistance, we offered Light a decent, modern, and clean space she recovered safely.

Virtual PawzUp e-Wall:How it works?

1) Choose a square and click on it.
You will be asked to write your name or the name that you wish to appear on our wall. You can even upload a photo of your pet.
You can choose to pay a tribute someone. You can also add a link to promote your business or your favorite local rescue.
If you want to remain anonymous, leave everything blank.
2) Click on “Get this square.”
The payment is secured by PayPal. You can buy squares of 20,30,50, 100,250 or 500.(Currency EUR)

Why spend money to build the PawzUp wall?

Actually, we didn’t spend a penny. The PawzUp wall was donated by the BRAPOLCONS company. The wall is made from recycled material to reduce cost and its impact on the environment.
We saw this as a wonderful opportunity to honor our compassionate donors on our premises because we greatly appreciate their support!

PawzUp Wall

photo: PawzUp Wall completed.