08 May

Paulownia trees planted

Green work

We started to consider to invest into a natural barrier (made by trees) after the last winter, when a big snow storm isolated the large shelter completely for about a week. It was hard to transport the food, the emergency things but in the first days it was extremely difficult to reach even the dogs, as some of the kennels were under the snow.

Helped by our Swiss friends,  we could buy 7000 acacia trees and planted them on both sides of the large shelter. For the inside, for this year we choose to test Paulownia trees and conifers. The next spring, we will choose other species of trees and also some bushes.



Why Paulownia?

Named the “bio tree”, the hybrid specie of Paulownia that we selected has the following advantages:

— Grows fast and has large leaves which means that no later then the next summer, there will be some shadow that our dogs will enjoy during hot summer days;

— Esthetic reason – Paulownia cluster-like panicles varies in form and color from creamy to deep purple;

— Improves the air quality;

— Reduce the noise;

— High ecological value.

Paulownia trees are use in China e.g. in pharmaceutical industry. Measuring 75 cm in diameter are the “best oxygen plant”. Leaves are also good  for large animals feeding and soil nutrition.

Paulownia are preferred trees in fighting the soil erosion, this is why we placed the first 55 trees around the clinic building and the PawzUp wall.