22 Mar


The First Rescued Dogs in 2016

Pasha, the twisted paw dog


Being a little girl, I was shocked to see my mom returning one day from work with a heavy bandage around her right arm. She felt, broke her bone and had the entire arm in cast bandage. I was afraid I will not see my mom “normal” hand again and I locked myself in the room, crying. The next few days, I remember that I was trying to do the daily things without using my right arm and of course, I failed, felt miserably but I didn’t gave up as I wanted to be prepared for the day when I might fall and be forced to use only my left hand. I remember I went to comfort my mom, to give her a hug and probably I touched her broken arm in a wrong spot as I heard a quick scream. That day, I felt powerless to see a dear person in pain.

And this is exactly how I felt the day I met Pasha for the first time, when she gently gave me her twisted paw to “salute” me. A sign of sincere friendship that only very special dogs can do to conquer people instantly.

I felt powerless, angry and sad in front of this endless suffering of voiceless souls like Pasha, a suffering which is beyond my power to stop it completely and which I can stop for dogs like Pasha only with your help and generosity.

A woman alerted our team which went and found Pasha in the parking area of a local supermarket where she was feeding from clients’ pity but also protected by the pack of the dogs, which barked when the boys were gently lifting her from ground to put her in the transport crate.

All the examinations, including a visit to a specialist from Bucharest, revealed that Pasha doesn’t need surgery as long as the paw doesn’t show any incipient infection sign. When that time comes, the correct decision will be made if either Pasha will need antibiotics and these will show results or if an amputation will be required.

Pasha is spayed, healthy and ready to be adopted. She got an adoption request that look serious but the British lady who was interested had to cancel because some personal and unexpected reasons. Pasha is now free for adoption again. Click here to visit Pasha’s profile

You have three options to help Pasha:

1. A monthly gift to cover Pasha’s food

2. Annual gift to sponsor Pasha for a whole year. You will become her sponsor and your name will be mentioned on our Hall of Fame page.

3. Sponsor Them All
If you just visited Pasha’s profile but also just discovered numerous others dogs from our shelters and you are undecided whom to sponsor, we created a special package for you: With Sponsor Them All option, for 25 EUR per month you can become the Guardian Angel of all our dogs, cats and donkey Ben.

Thank you for Pasha and all ROLDA dogs!